Monday, May 10, 2010

would you see right through me

Roger was a riot.

Doyle couldn't stop laughing. Bumping into people when he danced. Doyle could see Roger was begging to mosh. Evidently. Naturally, he had to act out all the screamo stuff when the EatmewhileI'mHot! band started. Doyle couldn't help himself to watch Roger.

But some huge smelly guy with long hair was ready to kick Roger's butt. Doyle didn't know what to make of that, as they'd edged into the wave of hands in the air, and the lift as everyone jumped into the music. It was haphazard and kind of frightening.

Roger was in front of him, and in the next moment Roger was being sucked into the abyss. Doyle kept his eyes open wide and grabbed Roger before he could get too far. Naturally, the huge dude almost cut him off. But Doyle grabbed Roger around the chest and pulled him out. Some how they bumped into the people behind them who pushed them forward.

Doyle was in a sweat. Somehow, what was once fun, now wasn't. They could get stomped to death. Doyle slowly edged them out of the mosh pit, toward the edge. They needed a break from all the heat and the sweat.

"Are you all right!" Doyle screamed, but it sounded as if nothing came out of his mouth.

Roger was just grinning "What just happened?"

Doyle kept pulling at Roger's wrist, and they edged toward the bar for a Pepsi. Doyle bought them drinks, and they went outside to drink them.

"Man, that was amazing." Roger just grinned as they sat on the trunk of Doyle's car. He put the icy cold can on his forehead.

"You're a lot more daring than me." Doyle told him.

"What?" Roger shook his head.

"You just let yourself go, don't you?" Doyle sipped his drink as he looked over at Roger.

"Why not?" Roger looked at him then.

Doyle shook his head, and smiled. "I wish I could be more like you." He watched Roger's face in the lit parking lot.

"Really? I dunno. I'm pretty much an idiot, most days." Roger bit his bottom lip as if he'd already exposed to much of himself.

"But you enjoy so much." Doyle sighed taking in a more of his Pepsi.

"So do you." Roger nodded.

Doyle shook his head, no. As if some sort of sadness swept over him. He looked back at Roger. "Wish I could be you." He barely choked.

Roger looked away. Doyle looked down at his canned drink in his hand.

Suddenly, he felt Roger's hand below his chin. His fingers caressing the side of Doyle's face. He felt Roger's lips like perfection, eating as his lips like candy. It took Doyle's breath away. He couldn't pull himself from this, that was so new and different ....while his Pepsi slid off kilter in his hand and poured down the side of his jeans.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-well, they've well and truly bonded now! Have a great week ahead my dear!!

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Wow, Liz Gilis is great, thanks for the info <3
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kirstyb said...

oh that pic was scary xxxx

rouli said...

cool post:))

thanx for sweet comm!!!!!!


meg said...

Roger definitely made his move.

lily said...

Cool..I'm glad they finally found each other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Roger had the confidence to just dive in headfirst and make a move!! :)


Great story!

misty said...

I'm glad he went for it.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

your blog is brilliant...and very bold. my friends would like this...:D

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