Saturday, June 5, 2010

everybody's doing it

"Are you feeling, all right?" Syd hated to admit it, but it was kind of nice not being the only one pregnant around here. She was happy for Ellie, but when she found out she was already 2 months along..she was in shock.

"How could you not know?"

"Oh, I dunno." Ellie sounded tired. At least she'd finally gone to the doctor."I guess I was busy. And I forgot about my period."

"You are so funny." Syd laughed while they were on their walk, pushing strollers to the park.

"No, just ditzy or lazy." Ellie shrugged.

"Lon must be so happy." Syd didn't know what else to say.


Syd felt her baby kick then.

"Woo." Syd just stopped. Imaging how big the baby might. How it was lodged in her belly. The science of it amazed her. 

"What?" Ellie looked at her. Syd was in a stretchy extra large gray Men's tank. She wore a thin white T underneath and gray leggings. She was definitely showing now. Or maybe she just wanted to show.

"It just surprises me, sometimes." Syd told her. "I'll be so happy, then I think, God, I should be doing something. I feel bad that I didn't find a job. I'm sure Eric's Mom is ready to knock some sense into me. Really, I don't mean to be so selfish. But I feel like I'm this island moving very slowly waiting for a volcano to errupt."

"Thats kind of scary." Ellie told her.

"How do you feel?" Syd asked.

"I dunno. I mean, I haven't thrown up, but I get so sleepy. And I hate the thought of breakfast in the morning, but then at 4 in the afternoon I want a bowl of cornflakes and really cold milk." Ellie explained.

"You are eating for 2." Syd told her. "But your complexion looks so good. Mine is horrible." She was still fighting pimples.

"You look great." Ellie smiled.

Syd smiled to. She hoped everything went OK for Ellie.


lucy and sarah said...

such pretty flowers. oh, wow, strange about Ellie and everything about not knowing she was pregnant. interesting.

ayşegül said...

ellıe smıles lıke a flower :D
have a nıce w.end..xoxo

he and him said...

I'm glad they have each other to talk about this stuff, too.

so jade said...

sweet conversation.

holly O fan fic said...

so so very sweet of those two becoming friends.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope that everything goes okay for the both of them; though I can't imagine she didn't know until now. :/

cass and cady said...

Its great to have friends you have something in common with, but still you find how you are both so different too.

izzy and dev said...

I do wonder about that Ellie, sometimes.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I hate how all these girls are pergnant at teenagers as if its just another fashion phase.