Friday, June 4, 2010

planning it out

                                                   We ♥ It

Everyone had practically all the vacation days lined up at work.

"What about you, Ravi?" His boss asked at the drugstore. "Have any plans?"

Well, he wanted too. But all that was possible was spending a weekend at his parents. He felt a little lame telling his boss that. So many were going on real vacations.

"My parents haven't met my girlfriend yet." He finally admitted.

"Good luck, on that." His boss gave him a hearty slap on the back. "I remember my first time. The rents wouldn't let us sleep together. Maybe times have changed."

Ravi gulped. He hadn't even thought of the sleeping arrangements. He had a couple of hours to think on it, but before he knew it...he was home and had Olivia all to himself in the kitchen.

"You know, we should just spend the day at my folks." He was liking the idea better and better. Of course, it would take Olivia's credit card to get them a room, but he'd pay her back.

"Ravi, no, we have to spend the whole weekend." She gave him a bump with her hip while she was washing dishes and he was drying.

"But, it'll be-terrible." He winced. "You'll probably have to sleep alone on the lumpy couch."

"Only for the weekend." She shrugged as if she could handle it. "Just don't pull a Degrassi on me like Sav did to Anya with that maybe bride to be stuff."

"What?" He winced. His parents just cared about his education. That was about it. Of course, they were kind of close knit. Only, his mother went to visit her mother occasionally, but that had been so long ago. "I have an older half-sister who thinks she knows everything, and she won't even be there. Really, we're just boring."

"I highly doubt that. Beside, I can't wait to meet them. You have little sisters. Remember?" Olivia was all smiles. He wondered how long that would last once she met his family.


sid and violet said...

Love the picture. Hope they have an adventure together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

All families have secrets and dysfunctions about them. I'm sure everything will be fine. :)

fan fic said...

Oh, its never perfect. I think Olivia will make the most of it, though.

jeremy's turn said...

Love the umbrellas.

lucy and sarah said...

Olivia is great in these sort of things.

meg said...

I hope its fun. I think it will.

he and him said...

summer adventures. I'm sure it'll be fun to go places together.

simon and josh said...

we always worry about this sort of stuff with the parents. but its just a visit.

Sara Lynn said...

lol poor Ravi all worked up :)

cass and cady said...

summer means vacations. I hope they get one.