Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I like it like that

Ian found himself catching bits of Kayla's conversation with a co-worker. She seemed a bit pissed at this guy. He was the young adult librarian. He was flirting with some guy at the counter. Ian thought it was kind of funny, but Kayla obviously didn't.

"You know, he has a girlfriend, don't you?" She looked at Ian then.

"Oh. I-I was just listen to, uh, Postal Service." He took the earbuds out of his ears. He was leaning against the back counter, behind the glass. She was at the Circulation head's desk making phone calls for people to pick up books.

"Oh my god, are you serious?" She exposed a pleased smile then. He had to smile too. "I love Postal Service so bad. But I hate Owl City because they stole their sound, you know. You don't listen to them, do you?" She looked him over.

"No." He'd just filled up his mp3 player with a bunch of his brother's old tunes from his computer. "This is pretty much old stuff."

"I love their old stuff." She had to have a listen then. She giggled slightly. She couldn't be that much older than him? Could she?

Ian couldn't help looking at her. She was so close to him now. He could hardly stand it. She'd know what he really thought of her if he didn't watch it.

"You're really cool, you know that." She tried not to smile too much.

Ian thought he might choke.

"I'm glad you work here." She told him.

"But I don't." Ian shook his head.

"You have to apply for the job. I know its yours." She told him.

"But I'm not sixteen yet." He told her.

"When will you be 16?" She kept staring at him so close. All he could do was focus on her lips. He tried not to look down at her chest. But it was obviously there. Very close. Ian thought he might fall on them accidentally.

"Soon. July 1st." He shrugged.

"You have to apply. You have too." She told him. Ian couldn't stop smiling. He so wanted to work here.


FashionJazz said...

Oooh wonder what's gonna happen next? Have a lovely Tuesday xx

kirstyb said...

love it x

Sara Lynn said...

Summer romance! Sounds like it is going to be awesome :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yayay for summer love!! :)

Meg said...

It's nice to work with people you like.

Angela said...

Mmmm.... love :). I can feel it ;P.

so jade said...

oh..who's crush'n who???

meg said...

well..isn't that something..=O

Em [the writer] said...

Okay, just wanted to point out that guy looks like Justin Beiber a little to me. Not a bad thing just thought that, I am blanking out on his name though right now...Agh...isn't it Samuel or Sam? Of course this guy's prettier. It seems like this story is about so many people now, I remember when it was all about Ellie. But I do have to admit, I smiled when I saw you wrote about the Postal Service.