Thursday, June 10, 2010

in his eyes

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It hadn't worked out about the house. As it turned out, Eric and Syd didn't want to move. They thought they just needed to stay at Roger's. Eric had taken a school bus driver's job in the mornings. And Ian knew his Dad wasn't wanting to commute with the new job he'd taken, thanks to Eric's mother networking.

Ian guessed it was just as well. He was OK still being in the apartment. It was just the 3 of them. He had Eric's old room. He got a letter in the mail from Cami. It seemed she still thought they were friends. Told him all about her new boyfriend, she'd met at camp. It made Ian realize it was really over. No way was he winning her back. But he didn't take it too hard.

He had gone to the library like Olivia said. Only where she lived, the library wasn't that exciting. So academic, he guessed, but hardly a hop, skip and jump was the library from his apartment which was bustling with activity. And it was much more summer reading program oriented for kids and teens. He decided to take the plunge. Volunteer at the library. It was a little annoying. All those kids, at first. The library friends. He was the oldest one. Male, and well, taller than everyone else.

He wasn't impressed with so many 12 year olds ogling over him. After all, he'd be sixteen next month. Everyone though he had to be at least 18. Naturally, he beamed when he heard this. But there were just so many things he could stamp and hand prizes to. Was there anything else?

"Could I, you know, shelve books, or something. " He didn't mean to be hinting for a job. Naturally, the children's librarian scooted him over to the secretary.

"Oh, aren't, you, Eric's brother?" The secretary was all smiles.

"Yeap." Ian smiled.

Someone must have made a good impression on her, thought Ian. "Lets see, you're sixteen, aren't you?"

"Almost." He kept smiling, evidently it reminded her of Eric's.

"We've been swamped." She told him. "The shelver just left so suddenly. And its the summer reading program." She had some carts to show him. "We'll go easy on you. Just DVDs. OK."

Before he knew it, there came the kids' books to put away. He had no trouble with those. Soon enough, he was spending afternoons, late into the evenings there. He got to know the staff too. And then he saw her. And he couldn't take his off her.

Her hair falling out of her lose pony-tail. She seemed quite oblivious to everything, but books. Which she was either stamping the library logo on or putting information about them into the computer. Sometimes, she made phone calls at circulation. Actually, Ian was content just to be near Kayla.


meg said...

oh my..the older woman. hmmmmm...

simon and josh said...

you just never know what you'll find at the library.

Keith said...

The library can be very full of surprises.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Love in the library - j'adore!! :)

Sara Lynn said...

oh I love this :) I am excited to see what happens next, and I want his job! even if it was volunteer.

fan fic said...

an older the lib. oh my!

lucy and sarah said...

I have to wonder what Kayla will think of Ian.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

another cool tree!

jess s//

meg said...

I wonder how this will turn out.