Friday, June 11, 2010

You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town

You're a wolf - sea wolf

Doyle was a bit iffy on what Roger was talking about. Of course, Roger was even nervous kissing out in the open in the back of the pickup truck.

"Isn't it me? Who's suppose to be nervous?" Doyle thought now. He really wanted to go back to the river with Roger.

"You don't know who might be out there." He sounded a bit ridiculous. As if they might have their own horror film while trying to just have a moment or two under the stars.

They were in Doyle's room now. He'd decided to show Roger his electric guitars. He had three. But his first one was his favorite, the electric blue (he called it). It was cheap, but he learned a lot on it. He kept them on the wall next to his Jim Morrison poster. His room was neat and still full of a bulletin board of snapshots of his friends from school, and the guys he'd played in a band with along with concert ticket stubs.

"What if we went camping?" Doyle thought that might be good for the both of them. They could learn a lot about each other, that way.

"What is it with you and nature?" Roger shook his head then and tried to shake it off with a smile.

"I dunno. It just feels right." Doyle smiled back as he watched Roger all nervous about a camp out. "You mean you weren't in boy scouts?" Doyle chuckled then. He didn't get a reaction out of Roger. But he kept staring at him until he got a smile out of him. "Come on, you know, I wouldn't let anything happen to you."

His hands came around Roger's face then and he kissed him, hoping not to lose him, if they didn't do this soon. Naturally, it didn't take Roger long to forget about the trip, and they were kissing in the late afternoon. It felt as if a heat was growing in the room as the sun slipped through the white sheets over the bay window and warmed the blue plaid comforter on Doyle's bed. Soon enough they spread across it. Kissing with each twist and turn until they were wrapped up in each other, and it was seriously happening. No questions asked. Other than Roger giving him a condom. Doyle didn't freeze. Actually, he kind of thought it was funny that it was happening in his room instead of Roger's. But he tried not to let that show.

His mom was at work so they had a little time. And every second had to count because chances were it would never happen here again. But as it happened, Doyle didn't care if time was on his side or not. He just didn't care, anymore.

"What would she do if she found out?" Roger asked later. Afterwards, when sleep set in.

"I dunno." Doyle shrugged.

"I'm not sure I want to find out." Roger sighed. But he was here, and he was moving slowly, tucked under Doyle.

Just then the front door opened.

"I doubt she even comes up here." Doyle whispered in Roger ear. But of course, they heard her steps come up the stairway. Doyle kept staring at the bedroom door. Waiting. Naturally, his mom was in the bathroom.

"See, you can breathe easy now." Doyle sighed as he kissed Roger's shoulder.

"God, you just want us to be caught, don't you?" Roger was suddenly like a caged rabbit trying to hop out from under him. He reached for his boxers then on the floor.

"Doyle?" His mother was outside his door. There was no lock. Roger climbed back under the covers quickly and hid. "Doyle, who are you talking to?"


Winnie said...

Ahhhh, I hope she doesn't come in!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yikes! This is so not good!! :(

ayşegül said...

what's goıng on now(?) :((

simon and josh said...

so I have an idea...this might not go well.

he and him said...

woooo..this so tricky.

fan fic said...

definitely looks like trouble.

Sara Lynn said...

Uh oh! But I am glad that they finally took it a step further!