Saturday, June 12, 2010

time's up

"I dunno what I should do." Roger called Ellie and went there right away. Naturally, he was sitting there at her kitchen table letting Charlie wallow all over the leg of his jeans leaving a wet animal cracker everywhere. He just stared at him, wondering if he was anything like that when he was a baby.

"Are you sure you should have left?" Ellie poured him some lemonade.

"I guess. She was so mad and well, I guess I shouldn't see Doyle," he sipped the tart lemonade then. It stung his throat, but he was thirsty. "For awhile."

"He might need you." Ellie told him.

"I know. I didn't mean to walk out like that, but I can't try to save him. I just can't. I'm done with that. You know, with Olivia and everything. And that just turned out. Wrong." He winced.

"Well, if he's important to you, you should, you know." Ellie pulled Charlie off of him then who was wanting to lay his head in Roger's lap. He couldn't exactly push him off. Yet at the same time, it was as if Charlie knew he needed a hug of some kind.

"All right, I get it."  Roger squinted hard. But Doyle's mother. Her voice. It hurt his ears so much. He could hardly stand it. Why did she had to make such a big deal about the two of them? There were worst things.

"So did you just-" Ellie started.

"What do you want to know? Huh!" Roger suddenly got agitated. She wanted to know if he forced Doyle into this. As if he'd coerced  him some how.  "I'm the girlfirend, in this. All right! Do you get it, now!"

Ellie just stared at him, not knowing what to say.

Roger felt himself shaking. He noticed Lon come in then from work. He had to go. He couldn't stay here. As it was, he was pretty sure he'd fucked this up, royally.


meg said...

well..thats a lot to tell.

Flawed Quintessence said...

Hey, thanks for the note!
Anyway, sorry for not replying your previous comments lately; I've been pretty busy. Anyway, I've been meddling around wth Blogger's new template design and it's pretty fun to mess around with.
Also, I wish you luck on your writing. I haven't been able to catch up with your story yet, though. I'll read up on it - and update my stories - as soon as I can find the time.
Best of luck. Stay creative! =)

fan fic said...

oh, roger, caught in the cross fire.

lucy and sarah said...

I love how Charlie is. And what of a bit of a revelation, too.

so jade said...

wow, I did not know that.

he and him said...

I hope doyle is OK.

Fenny said...

Doyle, I wish everything would be alright.

ayşegül said...

take ıt easy..e.thıng wıll be okey.
get a nıce weekend.. love you. xoxo

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm proud of Roger for admitting his new...way of life. I hope everyone accepts him for it. :/