Sunday, June 20, 2010

talk talk

 Ian got on at the library a few weeks before his birthday. Of course, it was great he'd be turning 16 soon. He would have his driver's license then and would be able to work til 9 every night. There were a couple of other guys who worked there. One was a clerk. The other the young adult librarian. Ian talked to them occasionally, but it was Kayla he looked forward to seeing. She just made it so easy to want to talk.

But then he got an inkling that Kayla and Rick ( the young adult librarian) used to date.

"You know they almost got married." Wilson the only male clerk told him while they were taking break at the same time one afternoon.

"Wow."  Ian then wondered if he should have said that. Hopefully, not like a girl. Anyway, he wasn't expecting to hear that. Of course, later he wondered if Wilson was just saying that to get a laugh. Ian decided to keep the information to himself. Of course, he saw the way Rick was around Kayla. Always touchy feely. And she would usually give him a scowl to leave her alone.

Of course, there was the age thing he wondered about. He just wanted to know how old she was. He noticed her birthday was coming up in August.

"Do you know how old she'll be?" He didn't ask this around Wilson. He asked when the secretary was in the breakroom.

"Gosh, I dunno." The older woman was a bubbly sort. "I think she graduated when my son did." She left for the office, but came right back. "She'll be twenty-four."

Ian found himself smiling once more. He liked the thought of that. Sort of. He knew he didn't have a chance with her. He wasn't planning on stalking her, either. But he knew he wasn't quite like Rick. At least they could talk. Talk. Yeah, he needed that. Nothing more. Just talk.


Fenny said...

Just talk can make his being happy? wow! he must move on

fan fic said...

a mystery, is the lib.

Queen D said...

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Holly said...

oh..what will he do?

lucy and sarah said...

that secretary is so helpful.heheeee.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He'd be better off searching for someone he has a chance with, I think. :/