Monday, July 12, 2010

all righty then

                                                    We ♥ It

"Sometimes, I think I know less now than I did." Kyle looked frazzled.

Ellie put the Sleepytime tea in front of him at the kitchen table to drink while Amber took a shower. At least they were here now.

"Don't say that." Ellie gave him a pat on the back. "I'm sure you'll work it out."

"Yes, and now all it is .. is how stubborn someone is."

"Are you talking about you?" Ellie grinned.

Kyle just winced.

"Yeah, I know we're talking about Amber. But she made a stand. And she's taking care of herself. She's not her Daddy's little girl anymore." Ellie added.

"But they were close. Its all my fault." Kyle's bottom lip crushed and she had to give him a hug this time.

"If it hadn't been you, it would have been someone else." She told him. "Just be thankful it was you because, well, you're wise. You can figure this out for the best."

"Really?" He looked as if he could doze off.

"Sorry, we only have the futon." Ellie sighed.

"That's OK." Kyle shrugged.

"And look who's here?" Lon was finally home. He came in all smiles naturally, even if he smelled of grass and sweat and green stained jeans from mowing on campus.

"Hey, I found out that Olivia's Aunt is interested in you." Lon squeezed Kyle's shoulder.

"Oh." Kyle didn't look too excited.

"Yeah, she's got all these little odd jobs lined up for you to take care of at her place." Lon nodded. "And..and, she says you and Amber could move in and live there all summer, free."

"Free? What's the catch?" Kyle looked at him.

"Well, you'll have to put up with her. And clean out the carriage house if you want a place to live." Lon nodded.

"A carriage house?" Kyle winced.

"Well, she just keeps junk in it." Lon shrugged. "But I could help you guys. You know."

"Yeah. Sure." Kyle nodded.

Ellie thought he might be excited. She sighed. She and Charlie would be staying out of this adventure.


Keith said...

I love that room.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A free living space is a free living space, I suppose. :/

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Kyle does not sound too thrilled about the space. I hope the aunt isn't too bad to deal with.

meg said...

sounds like an adventure ahead!

Meg said...

I sounds like things might turn out all right.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Kyle doesnt sound like a happy camper.