Tuesday, July 13, 2010

with a little feeling now

"I'm mad at you." Amanda said so matter of fact to Doyle. She saw him over at Roger's, and she was upset that he didn't tell her what was going on with him.

"What?" He winced as if he really didn't have time for this.

As it was she was holding Evan while Syd went to find something for Rosie to draw on. Doyle was unloading some fresh melons and corn he'd brought home from a nearby farmer's market.

"You know, what I'm talking about." She glared at him. "You could have told me." She looked at him, frustrated.

"I dunno, I guess this was exactly what I was expecting." He sighed while putting vegetables in the fridge.

"Well, you didn't have to hide it from me, about you and Roger." She told him.

"I wasn't." He looked at her. "I'm just not like some people who want to make a big deal about - you know."

"You can't even say it, can you?" She was getting a bit sassy even though she knew she better let it go. Rosie was coming back to the kitchen with Syd. Amanda kept quiet. She just wasn't sure if she wanted Rosie spouting off the word gay.

Doyle wouldn't even look at her. She handed Evan over to Syd before she got in a tizzy and made him fuss. Of course, Doyle walked away from her. She followed him in to the livingroom.

"Don't expect me to say I'm sorry, because I'm not." Doyle glared back at her.

"All right. Its just. I thought we were friends, and-and you'd tell me if you were serious about someone, you know. I tell you everything, and you, you tell me... nothing." She told him. It was quiet then. "Look, if you and Roger want to help Derrick with his music, then come over, some time." She sighed. "Elliot's talked him into staying all summer."

"You OK with Derrick being there all summer?" Doyle winced.

"Yeah, I think so. They both talked me into singing with them. Elliot thinks it could bring us closer, if we do these gigs with him. So, we're giving it a shot." She was a bit indifferent about it. They even had her on the guitar.

"Sweet." Doyle then smiled. "That's great."

"Yeah, that is if you don't have a little brother telling you every note, how he wants you to sing his music." Amanda sighed.

"Good luck." He gave her a pat on the back. "And you're sure you don't have a problem with Roger and me?"

"No, if he makes you happy, that's all that matters. I want us to stay friends. Good friends." Amanda nodded.


Em [the writer] said...

They should stay friends, it's awful when you lose a good one.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Amanda just wants what's best for Doyle. :)

ayşegül said...

Amanda's very clever :Pp
love you.xoxo

meg said...

Good that they talked.

ori said...

good she wants them to stay friends.

lucy and sarah said...

It was good they got this out in the open.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

I guess its good that she found out.