Monday, July 19, 2010

down the rabbit hole

This might be cool. Ian hoped they sounded good. At least he had some place to go after work. He could leave thoughts of Kayla behind. Hopefully, no more texts from Cami. He was ignoring her big time, but she kept trying to get back in, somehow.

He turned off his phone after Eric called. Ian had been around Rosie a couple of times. They knew each other. He knew she adored her Dad. Actually, she was congenial for a toddler who was growing up so fast. She was shuffled around a lot. It felt to him. And he could understand that. He was not one who liked change when he was a kid. So yeah, he guessed he had a soft spot for her.

Naturally, she was wide awake when he got to Amanda's.

"Don't tell Kyle." Amanda said first thing. "But I've been kind of letting her stay up late, so she'll sleep late."

Ian just nodded. He guessed this meant they'd be spending some time together. She was drawing a picture. But he noticed she was wild about making letters.

Amanda went to be with the guys outside then.

"What's this?" Ian just smiled at the shapes she was making with her crayons.

"My poem." She put her dark auburn locks behind her ear and smiled at him as if she could be his new girlfriend.

"Wow." Ian smiled back, unsure where this was going. "You want to read it to me?" He fell back on the couch then, trying not to yawn.

"OK." She smiled brightly and crawled in his lap which was unexpected. Ian wasn't so sure he liked this closeness.

Come to find out it was instructions on how to operate on the heart which Ian found even more baffling. She was quite a talker. He found her a little strange, yet comforting.

"Have you seen my Dad?" She wanted to know.

"Not lately." He shrugged.

"I know. He's with my Mommy's sister." She informed him.

"I see." He didn't know that.

"Yeah, Auntie Am." She was matter of fact.

"Oh." So that's what he called Kyle's fiancee. It was a bit to decipher. Somehow he felt he'd fallen into a complete new world. There was no Kayla to think about. Maybe this was good for him. To be with Rosie.

Next thing he knew she'd fallen asleep on him. He guessed she wasn't suppose to do that, bu he wasn't going to wake her.

Lon's thoughts


ori said...

cool that Ian helped out.

ayşegül said...

ı afraıd..v cool :D

Keith said...

I wish Ian the best.

misty said...

Amanda's parenting skills...hmmmm..

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ian is a very cool character. :)

Abby said...

Like Ian's character!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

axel said...

Its hard to find a teenage guy like that.

another skin said...

Aw, nothing like seeing a guy who can babysit.

a jacob black tale said...

He's so charming.

gorgeousclara said...

thanks a lot!!!

nice pic

meg said...

he's so sweet.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

that was sweet