Monday, July 26, 2010

little turns

"So it worked." Syd was all happy. Her and her trusty neti pot.

"Kind of." Eric grinned back. At least he was on his feet, back at work. She at least wasn't sick. "Actually, Olivia gave me some Sudefed." He thought it was best to come clean on the subject. He knew how drug free Syd wanted everything, but it wasn't her religion, either.

"What?" She looked at him a bit frantic. There they were in their bedroom. Evan was asleep. "How much did you take?"

"Just 3 or 4 dozes." Eric shrugged.

"Don't take anymore. Promise me, you won't." She looked at him, seriously.

"I don't think I need anymore." He was taking the zinc lozenges she'd let him have and the vitiamin C, the cod liver oil pills and other stuff to build up his immune system. "And the wonton soup you got me. Really, I think it did the trick."

"I just wouldn't want you to, you know, get addicted-" Syd bit her bottom lip.

"No, no, I'm better. Please, don't be upset. Really, I'm OK." He wanted to hug her but he didn't want her to catch a cold or whatever this was he'd had.

"I just, worry, you know." She sat down on the bed, hugging herself.

"Well, I worry about you too. If everything is going OK, for you. I mean, its strange how I feel about all this. Like, its all my fault your in this condition, but, I'm really happy too. I don't want to see you hurting, either." Eric was a bit squeamish then thinking of Amanda and her C-section with Evan. Not a pretty sight, and he felt bad about that too.

"It'll be worth it." She told him. "We're having a baby girl and I can hardly wait."

"You can tell me if you're scared. I would be. Really." Eric sat down with her.

"I dunno." She sighed then. "Yes. I kind of am. I'll be honest."

"Please tell me, you'll let them use drugs if they have too." Eric was serious.

"OK, of course," she winced.

"Good." Eric held her hand. "I was so afraid you were going to be, really stubborn. Like my Mom."

"What?" She looked at him.

"She goes on and on how she wouldn't dare have a C-section when she had me even if I was turned wrong. She had all these nurses push on her stomach and I dunno what all, just so I would be born naturally. Now she claims she was a nut for thinking like that. I guess it was painful. She's just thankful I turned out OK. Chances were, it could have turned out really bad." Eric wished he hadn't told her.


He knew he was scaring her. He hadn't meant too. Eric put his arm around her and hugged her then.


Abby said...

Haha, Syd is pretty funny! It's cute that she worried that he would get addicted.

Keith said...

Syd is awesome.

Not that this has anything to do with this post, but I finally saw A Single Man this weekend. Nicholas Hoult was great in it.

ellie said...

Yeah, he was really sweet and intriguing in the movie. He does have a wide range of emotion. I'm looking forward to more Nic Hoult movies and Tom Ford movies, too.

Sara Lynn said...

I am glad they are being honest with each other, scary as it can be.

Aury said...

wow what a crazy story about his mom's delivery. I can't begin to imagine how painful that must have been.

Cafe Fashionista said...

You have such phenomenal characters - I really like Syd! :)

ivy said...

Somebody always has a scary story about birthing.

ori said...

best to be honest. wow, giving birth can be so frieghtening.

cass and cady said...

Its good they have these talks.

Em [the writer] said...

I've always liked Syd and Eric, can't believe they're having a kid.

misty said...

These 2 have came a long way.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Eric is just trying to make her feel better, but it isn't working out