Tuesday, July 27, 2010

riding the course

Ellie finally got around to mailing a package to Lonnie and Steph. They'd had their baby months ago. It had all happened right around the time Lon had his kidney stone, and they'd almost forgotten about Tristan. Actually, she was a bit slow with her crochet these days. But she'd managed to make a crocheted baby blanket and a few other things.

"I hope they won't be too upset with us." She told Lon who she knew didn't even want to discuss the word upset.

He'd been upset with her for not telling him first about being pregnant, and he thought she was upset with him about her cousin.

"I highly doubt it. I'm sure they have their hands full." As it was he was helping Kyle with fixing up the carriage house for Kyle and Amber, and there was the garden to tend too. He was tired but happy. He had hot peppers now and couldn't wait to make salsa. She guessed it was best to stay in the present and be as productive as possible.

"So do you think your Mom talked with my cousin Reese?" She knew it was a tender subject. He just looked at her as if he didn't want to go there.

He was helping her with dinner. Actually, he was taking over the stirfry while she was helping Charlie with some pie dough that he was beating his little fist into. Charlie thought he was helping at the kitchen table.

"I guess if we hear something, we'll know." Lon then shrugged. He didn't say another word about having a daughter he didn't know.

"Maybe, all she wanted was money." Ellie knew that sounded calloused, but it did take money to raise a child. "She doesn't want anything else from you."

"Could be." He was being quiet about it. Lon took the left over onion to chop up with the hot peppers. He would bring salsa to work. Some one had even offered to buy it from him. Who knew, maybe he'd have a salsa business on the side, but she doubted he'd take any money for making salsa.

She felt sad for him though. Ellie squeezed his shoulder. She was determined to stand by him on this situation with her cousin. But still it was hard to be patience about so many things.


beckyxoxo said...

Love it :)

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meg said...

I'm glad they are there for each other.

Abby said...

I'm glad about that, too.

lucy and sarah said...

That's cute about Charlie, thinking he's helping out.

ori said...

They do have a future to look forward to in so many ways.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Charlie seems nice

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's great that they have each other!! :)

Meg said...

I think things will work out.

Keith said...

I'm glad they have each other.