Thursday, July 29, 2010

trouble brewing

Why was it that Kayla's warning about Tori was like an open invitation?

Ian couldn't quite shake i,t that it was meant to be. He and Tori.

First he had fantasizes about it. Yes, he was scared of her, like a bully after his lunch money. He wasn't sure if it were her eyes or what. Next thing he knew he was off smoking a vegetarian cigarette with her behind the library.

"Vegetarian, my ass." He knew what this stuff had in it, as if a cigarette would have meat in it. She was high, already.

She was hard to figure out. Was she with this Steve? Or just a minister's daughter? For all he knew there was a whole neighborhood of personalities in that head of hers, and he was never sure what he'd get. One night after another.

Anyway, she did make him smile. Of course, she was older, but not quite as old as Kayla. She'd graduated from high school when Eric did. Anyway, they just hung out. After his little gig of babysitting Rosie, he had all the time in the world for Tori. Naturally, she had all the time in the world for him too. She didn't have a job. Probably couldn't handle a job. He thought she said she had wanted to be a hair stylist but that hadn't turned out well. Usually, she got in fight where ever she worked. She would have been in a roller derby league, but she'd never learned to roller skate.

Tori was freakishly amusing, but not enough, that he wanted to lose his virginity to her. Even so, it could have happened right on that coat of hers, made out of trash bags. Really, Tori was frighteningly captivating. She was shocking, yet sweet when things went her way.

Ian did his best to stay one step ahead of her. She liked secrets, and he meant to keep it that way.


Keith said...

It definitely sounds like he's been bewitched by Tori. I wonder what's going to happen next between them two.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Poor Ian Tori seems to make things so easy, yet Ian doesn't see it that way.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Secrets can sometimes be dangerous... :/

ori said...

I hope he's not in over his head. What has gotten in to him?

lucy and sarah said...

bad boy. bad boy. oh, he's just growing up, spreading his wings..I guess. Hopefully, he won't regret it.

Abby said...

You've drawn a very intriguing character in Tori.

Winnie said...

He's definitely head over heels for Tori!