Wednesday, August 11, 2010

coming home

Ellie knew they were coming. But she'd thought her sister Lisa and Geo would go directly to her Mom's. Possibly Dad's, but not their place.

"Wow." Ellie wished they would have at least called.

"Well, it was on the way." Lisa told her, unloading her bunch in the livingroom. Ellie still wasn't sure how they found the place or even remembered her address. Maybe her Mom did this on purpose.

"Oh, sure." Ellie just smiled wishing she'd known.

Lisa gave a bit of an inspection while her two climbed all over everything and then ended up having a wrestling match. Ellie was starting to think Charlie was just perfect compared to her sister's two. Aaron and Gavin.

"Its cute." Lisa's final say about the house.

"Thanks." Ellie felt like calling her mother to tell her to be ready for the brats. Geo was somber, however. He was getting out of the military due to a back injury. He looked perfectly fine to Ellie, who quickly got out any cookie she could find in the place and juice for the kids.

"So what are you going to do now?" She asked him. Lon was off at work so she couldn't exactly have Lon around to entertain Geo.

"Hopefully, go home."

"Oh, you're coming back here? You're not staying in Texas?" Finally, it hit Ellie that Geo was jobless.

"I want to be in Nebraska. That's where home is to me. And I've missed it." He just smiled.

Ellie looked at Lisa, wondering what they were going to do? All Ellie could think of was - they would move in with her Dad. Ellie wasn't sure she wanted to ask. Sometimes, it was better not knowing too much information.


E.L. said...

Sometimes, its hard to be a sister.

ori said...

I'm sure its not an easy time for Lisa.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Geo probably felt quite awkward.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Decisions like this aren't easy for anyone. :/

Sara Lynn said...

I hope it works out for him, he seems so down.

meg said...

Its not easy how things happen in the military. Hopefully, it'll be good for Geo.

lucy and sarah said...

I hate getting unexpected company, still I'm glad they drop in too..but I'm sure that was tough for all of them.

Aury said...

uncertainty is always difficult.

Aury said...

uncertainty is always difficult.

Keith said...

I really hope it does work out.