Thursday, August 12, 2010

time will tell

"Its a good thing you guys moved when you did." Ellie told Kyle about her sister and husband Geo coming home to live with their parents.

Kyle and Amber were having their first dinner party at their new place. Of course, it was only Ellie and Lon. A spaghetti dinner. Not a big thing. There was Rosie and Charlie to keep entertained too.

"Oh, yeah?" Kyle had completely forgotten about Geo. He hadn't seen him in ages. Kyle felt a bit bad for his Mom because he knew she was so tired of little ones running around. But she'd had a couple of weeks to herself. "Do you think your sister will find a job?"

"I dunno." Ellie played with her salad. "You know, Geo was just the coffee guy at Borders."

"Well, he's had plenty of experience since then." Lon reminded them. "He's a veteran now. I bet he can get something."

"Hope so." Kyle shrugged. He talked about his job a little. Kyle was the youngest electrician there, and he knew some of the old timers were a bit nervous around him, but he showed up on time, and he could see they were starting to depend on him. Even with their cell phones. Some couldn't even make heads or tails how to operate one.

He looked to Amber then who might have been babysitting Olivia's great Aunt instead of Rosie. Well, she had Rosie to entertain Hilda or maybe the old woman thought she was entertaining Rosie. Anyway, it was good to have Rosie back on a schedule. He thought for a while Rosie would never go to sleep at a good time, but it was working out. Finally.

"So you guys heard from Amanda, lately?" Kyle wondered. She certainly hadn't checked in with him for a while. He thought for sure she'd think about calling Rosie, but she hadn't.

"No." Ellie shook her head. "I guess Doyle hears from Roger, but Doyle's been so busy with classes, lately, we just don't see him."

"I'd like to go to one of their concert." Kyle decided. "Would you guys come?"

"Only if we can get a babysitter." Ellie looked at Lon.

"Well, I want to go." Lon looked at her as if they needed a night out too.

Kyle wished he knew somebody other than Syd and Eric. Of course, there was Olivia, but he was pretty sure she and Ravi would want to come too.


Keith said...

I hope it all works out for Kyle as an electrician.

lucy and sarah said...

Things are evolving. I like how Kyle doesn't want to be his mother's problem, yet there is just so much he's having to contend with too.

molly said...

Kyle is really a hard worker. He's a good influence.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Kyle is truly an inspiration!! :)

Winnie said...

I think being an electrician is a good idea nowadays, it's a trade that will always be needed!

ori said...

He's always been so level headed. Hope he and Amber make it.

Abby said...

Good for Kyle! Seems he's getting there.

ivy's closet said...

He's really grownup more so than a lot of the other characters.

Sara Lynn said...

I hope they all can go and get out for a bit :)