Monday, August 23, 2010

a family affair

Doyle could hardly wait to see Roger. Finally, the last concert and everything would be back to normal.

Of course, it was down at one his favorite venues back home. It was small, but everyone seemed to know everyone that went there. It was actually the place where Doyle had first heard Derrick play. The kid was talented. Maybe he was no You Tube famer  like Justin Bebier, this kid did know how to play the guitar. It was his life. Even if he had put Roger through the ringer during this whole ordeal, he was pretty sure Roger had learned a thing or two from Amanda's little brother.

Doyle had talked to Roger every night. No matter how late it might be. He felt he'd made the trip with him. He knew what Roger had eaten. Bands who were nice to them as if they were on a major campout across Iowa, to those who weren't so nice and those who just wanted to party.

"But I didn't go." Roger always promised about that sort of thing.

"You could have, if you wanted." Doyle reminded him.

"No, I don't want to go if you're not there." Usually, Roger either slept or was re-reading the Harry Potter series when he wasn't rehearsing or setting up for the band.

Doyle hoped he wasn't making Roger boring. He hoped this was a little discovery for Roger. Of course, Doyle wasn't sure what Roger might have discovered about himself, other than going the distance. Doyle had finished up his summer classes. He'd start working at the hospital on an internship come September. Now if only he knew what Roger's real goals were, but Doyle had a feeling he might never really know.

When he got down at the hall, there was Cory and Demetri along with Olivia and Ravi. Ian had showed up with someone. If that wasn't enough, Kyle brought Rosie with her pink ear plugs planted in her ear.

"I thought it was about time, Rosie found out, what Mommy's been up too, this summer." Kyle smiled. Yeah, it was really becoming a family affair.


ori said...

Can't wait for more about Derrick, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm excited to see what Derrick will bring to the table!! :)

meg said...

Yes! I do wonder about Derrick!

lucy and sarah said...

That was sweet of Kyle to bring Rosie. Yeah, I do want to know more about Derrick.

Em [the writer] said...

I think it'd be cool for you to write a story all about Rosie when she's older.

ellie said... are so funny Em. never know.

Abby said...


Meg said...

It's cute that Rosie came.