Monday, August 30, 2010

just a phone call

"Shit." Ian mouthed the words. They would be landing soon, and he suddenly remembered Kayla's birthday. He forgot to get her anything.

He didn't know why this was so important to him now, but it was all he wanted to think about instead of what was ahead of him. He was so numb and tired. Although, he had slept a good bit of the way. And now he didn't want to get off the plane.

It felt so foreign. Suddenly. And lost. Very lost in the bustle of people. Of course, he had his father along to guide him. He had to wonder what would have happened to him if his Dad hadn't been there. Oliver was there to pick them up. It felt so formal. Oliver was in a suit.

They crawled into a Taxi after a bit of a run, through the airport. Oliver and his dad had quite a lot to talk over. Really, Ian didn't want to listen. He got out his cell and called Kayla.

"Can you hear me now?" Ian couldn't help but smile. She was the only thing that made him want to smile. Other wise, the sadness would consume him.

"What?" She sounded asleep.

"I'm here." He told her.

"No, seriously?" Her words were slow.

"Yeap, sitting here right next to, Ollie." He smiled. Oliver gave him an odd look. "You want to talk to him?"

"What are you doing?" Oliver winced.

"Its my boss," Ian told him. "She'd like a word with you." Well, this was the closest to a present he could give her. "Oh, Happy Birthday, by the way." He handed his cell over to Oliver. "Just say Happy Birthday or something." He said to Oliver then.

Ian thought he might crumble in the seat then, but at least he'd remembered Kayla's birthday.


Keith said...

This post helps remind me that today is my mom's birthday. Gotta make sure I wish her a Happy Birthday!

molly said...

I feel bad for Ian, but at least he remembered Kayla.

rouli said...

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Cafe Fashionista said...

My heart goes out to Ian right now. :(

lucy and sarah said...

Its such a sad time for him. His brother sounds interesting.

ivy's closet said...

Well..maybe its his way of showing Kayla he stills cares about her.

simon and josh said...

a very emotional time. I do feel so sad for him.

ori said...

aw, so sweet in such an odd way. I do like Ian...and I fee really bad for him.

Meg said...

I feel bad for Ian.