Sunday, August 1, 2010

second thoughts

Amanda put in all the emotion she could with the songs that Derrick wanted sung like a rockstar. They had past the mustard, she guessed with his promoter. All was well.

Derrick told her that Jed was happier with the band now than before. He liked the female sound.

Just before she could get a big head about it, she looked at the itinerary.

"Holy shit!" She winced. This was going to go a lot further into August than she imagine. More dates had been added."This is gonna cut it close to you starting school." She looked at Elliot, who was all hyped about their little tour. He was more worried how they were exactly going to get to where ever.

"No. No." He shook his head. "Its cool. Really."

"Yeah, right." She looked at him as if he'd lost it. "You have inservice, remember?"

"Yeah," he was more of a kid than Derrick, she thought.

"What if they fire you?" She looked at him blankly.

They were sitting around in the kitchen. She was even too tired to think of coffee. She licked her dry lips then.

"I won't get fired." He shrugged.

"I dunno if any of this is worth it. You know?" Amanda was beginning to have her doubts. How much was it going to cost them, just to make six thousand dollars for her brother?

"Don't say that." Elliot put his long shock of hair behind his ear. Yeah, he was getting the rocker thing down pretty good. It was gonna take a haircut and a good shave to get him back in the classroom. "What we have to think about is the cost. You know, traveling, staying places. I mean its just, you know some hometown fairs in Iowa and what not, but I dunno. We need to get to Sams club or something and make a few sales on food and shit."

"God, are you sure about this? Really sure?" She winced.

Just then an old school bus rolled into the driveway.

"ALL RIGHT!" Derrick yelled from the livingroom. It was her brother Dan and his partner. They had something for them.


ori said...

Its interesting how they talk to each other. I wonder if they'd speak the same way if Rosie was around.

Aury said...
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Aury said...

wow, seems like she's having some doubts. I can see why too.

ivy said...

I dunno what I'd do if that was in my driveway.

Sara Lynn said...

Woah, he got them a bus?!

simon and josh said...

wow, this is really happening.

the oaks said...

Oh boy, who'll drive it???

Holly said...

wow, that is so cool.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A bus?! Total rock star moment!! :P

Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...