Monday, August 2, 2010

the far side of things

Syd wanted to pop this, like a fat zit before it got infected. Of course, that didn't mean this couldn't be infected, anyway. This, this thing with Kip and Liz.

"So this is what you went away for, so you could have your cousin's baby." Kip was smooth with his quiet words, even if they were only a few feet away from Liz and Olivia who were getting cups ready for their little coffee break.

"I- you wouldn't have taken it well." Syd said matter of fact. She knew how he felt about her. How he said he'd wait for her. Some day they'd get married even if it was just a sick joke to her, after awhile. But he'd helped her and over time, she felt like he was this big brother she never had. Only she was never in love with him.

"Oh, dear, I'm just the psycho here." He mocked with a wince.

"You were-" She fretted a bit, thinking of that freaky phone call of his. "You really scared me." She hugged herself. So she'd lied about Eric being her cousin. How else was she going to get away from him. "And now you're with her. How did that happen?" She was still in disbelief. He was not the kind of guy who never  rushed into anything.

"I came looking for you and I found her." He glared as if he didn't care how Syd felt now.

"Just like that?" She winced. Just how crazy was he? Is that what people do when their heart is broken? Take anything on the rebound?

"Maybe, maybe, we just needed each other." He sighed. Syd looked at his wedding band.

"You married her?" She squinted hard. This was ridiculous. He was a loon. She decided then.

"Why do you even care?" He glared at her once more.

Syd looked back at Liz and Olivia. It was like she never knew him at all.


Abby said...

He's... creeping me out.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's like he's brainwashed. :/

FashionJazz said...

I agree with everyone : ) Hope you are well! xx

Sara Lynn said...

This is strange, I hope he realizes what he is doing.

lucy and sarah said...

what a conversation between those 2.

ori said...

bombs falling everywhere.

so jade said...

They needed to have it out.

meg said...

It must be an awkward occasion for all of them.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

see this is what happens