Tuesday, August 3, 2010

love thats blue

Kip supposed he was going to have to defend Liz, but he wasn't sure how.

"Look, you're one to question me." He gave Syd a serious look. "Who? Who does things, like this?" He pointed to her stomach then. "You - you didn't even know the guy. And now you're having his baby."

Syd gave him a dead stare.

"Actually, we met when we were really little." She said so innocently.

"How convenient." He gave her a snide smile.

"Look." She heaved then. She needed to sit down. He squinted, just watching her, hoping he hadn't said anything to make the baby come too soon. He knew there was no chance the baby was his because they had never done anything more than look at each other across the table every morning just to see if someone was finished with the butter so they could butter their toast. It was true, they were no more than roommates. She always looked as if he made her ill by the sight of him. Possibly, they depressed each other. He guessed now.

"Just don't worry about me." He looked at her. "I'm not going to bother you or this new life of yours."

"Kip." She looked sad. "I just don't want to see you get hurt. Do you love her?"

That small question was so hard to hear. He hoped he did, but the more he listened to Syd talk about Liz's devious ways. She even told him about Eric's one night stand with Liz. It felt like a jolt inside him. He felt as if he were losing air fast. Maybe he didn't know Liz, at all.


ivy's closet said...

honestly, I don't think he's completely the bad guy in this. its so strange what some of my friends have gone to the limits too. you just never know what people might do.

ayşegül said...

ooh my god poor lız..but but relatıon
w be okey lately :Pp

Winnie said...

I think Kip should still give Liz a chance. One thing I've learnt is that people change and they do have regrets...hopefully Liz can turn a new leaf?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Liz might not be all bad. Maybe he should just give her a second chance. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I don't know who I feel the worst for..really. But some things will come back to haunt you.

ori said...

Well, hopefully, it'll work its self out.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

things usually do work themselves out, but not too sure here.