Monday, August 9, 2010

teenage romance

How did Ian get himself into these fixes?

OK, he'd hung out with Tori from time to time. It was sort of a definitely maybe. Lately. They'd meet up after work. Or she'd hint something about going here or there. She didn't drive so he'd take her to Target or down to the old market just to look around. It was innocent enough. She wasn't that bad. Besides, Kayla was treating him horrible, lately. She'd be on his case about work he hadn't done when in fact he had done work. She was blaming him for what someone else wasn't doing, like making sure the security sticks were in the dvds.

Anyway, he ended up kind of invited to a birthday party. Her sister's birthday party. The hitch was he had to pick up Tori's date that she kept insisting wasn't a date.

"But you did invite him?" Ian reminded her on the way to picking up Steve.

"Yes, its because he has a crush on my sister."

Ian guessed he understood. Honestly, he felt like the chauffeur. Lately, he felt as if he'd been either a babysitter or a chauffeur. That was what his summer had amounted to. He hadn't even gone anywhere and before he knew it, school would be starting up.

So they picked up Steve. They sat in the backseat. Now Ian really felt like a chauffeur.

"I don't know why he's coming." Steve went on and on about why Ian was there.

Ian could hardly keep from laughing at Steve, being so loud and very angst.

Once they got there, Steve gave Ian the look over.

"You remind me of someone I should know." Steve informed him.

"Really?" Ian let a grin slip.

"You're Eric's little brother, aren't you?" Steve glared at him.

"How did you know?" Ian winced.

"You both walk the same." Steve told him.

"Really?" Ian just stood back and watched. He hadn't even brought a present. He didn't know Tori's sister, Amy. He really felt like an outsider.

Of course, Amy was referred to... as the pretty one. Ian didn't know what to make of the party. Amy was turning 17.  It didn't seem like something a preacher's daughter would have, out at the golf course. As it was Ian stood back in shadows as if maybe he really was the hired help.

He was sure of it now, he was never going to do anything like this again. He'd never been so bored in his life, but a fight broke out.

He heard the commotion, and Amy shouted for him to come quick. Steve and Tori were really having a fight.

"Do something!" Amy looked at him as if he was the one who really knew them. But Ian shook his head. No way was he going to get in the middle of a real fist fight.


Keith said...

I don't blame Ian.

lucy and sarah said...

That would be scary.

Abby said...

Steve and Tori having a fist fight? Man.

Sara Lynn said...

wow, how awkward, and a fist-fight ontop of that!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! This is definitely not a good evening...for anyone. :/

MyStyle said...

Hi there-its a bit hard for me to keep on track, but I will stop by from time to time-keep up the excellent work and hope you're having a great week so far x

meg said...

Oh, Ian, just what he needed. Kind of funny what Steve told him though, how he walked like his brother.

ivy's closet said...

what a scene.

mazzy said...

That must have been a bad scene at the party.

A Way To Describe Me With No Words.... said...

Ian should of just talked them out of it, but as you know if he did that he would have gotten hit or something. I wonder whats going to happen!