Wednesday, September 22, 2010

don't call it a problem

"OH MY GAWD! ARE YOU SERIOUS!" Amber threw her arms around Kyle and hung on to him when she heard the news about them moving in at Roger's. They were still in their so-called homestead.

"Definitely serious." He winced. Just when he thought this might be the end. It wasn't. Thanks to Eric. Evidently. He sighed then. "So I guess-"

"When? When can we get out of here?" She stared at him.

He looked at their little haven. He would miss it. He'd definitely put some blood and sweat in it. He'd hate to see it just fall apart then. He'd really hoped to put in some instillation in the place. If it could just be him, he'd still be here. But he couldn't be selfish like that. Now could he?

"Uh, I guess this week." He sighed, wishing she'd let go, but she hung on to him. Finally, she let go.

"Look, you just don't get it." She glared at him then. It was as if he'd been living in a different world from her, all summer. "You had your job. A real job. I- I had to put up with that old woman, all summer. She's crazy, Kyle. She is. You just don't want to believe that." She winced as she looked around the place too.

"I loved it here. I did. but if it could be some other place. You know. It was just weird, having to listen to her. All the time. I didn't know if she'd feed Rosie something she shouldn't have. I was doing my best. I was. I did." She was a bit teary eyed.

"I know. I'm sorry." He guessed he'd been wrong. He did want to keep bother Amber and Rosie safe. He knew Amber was great with Rosie. He did have to admit that he trusted Amber over Amanda when it came to Rosie. Yet, he guessed he had to get used to her clingy ways. Sometimes, he thought they were a little too close. Only, he'd never been this close to Amanda, who still remained a mystery to him. Amber did want to be with him. And he guessed he had to be happy about that. Even if it felt so rushed. He'd wanted to take this slow. Truth be told though, he didn't want to marry her. And he knew it wasn't her fault. But his. He'd have to tell her sometime, but not yet. Just not yet.


Keith said...

I wish him the best. I hope he figures out what he wants.

Lee Oliveira said...

Maybe he needs a little break..
People find themselves when they dont expect.
Sending lots of good vibes from Australia'

Winnie said...

Hope he manages to find a good time to let her know.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think he just needs some time. :/

lucy and sarah said...

I know they'll be happier rooming at Roger's.

meg said...

I'm happy for him. Seriously, though, he honestly needs to be on his own. Try college life. But I don't see Kyle ever doing that. He's really close to Rosie.

ivyoaks said...

Hopefully, all will be better.

FĂȘ said...

Hi Ellie, thank's for your visit!
This Tv show doesn't pass in Brazil. But it seems to be cool!

She is Sara said...

He seems really confused about her :/

ivy said...

aw, I just want him to have a chance to do the things he should be doing.