Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a token of sorts

"Are you all right?" Doyle hadn't forgotten about Amanda. He looked for her everywhere, and finally found her upstairs with Evan and Ian.

"Yeah, I'm-I'm fine." But she looked kind of shocked. "Eric's Mom wants me to take Evan for a few weeks when Syd's baby is born."

"Really? Are you sure Eric knows about that?" Doyle winced.

"I guess." Amanda looked as if she might be stressed already.

"It won't be that bad. He sleeps through the night." This was a fact he knew.  It had taken him so long to get used to Evan's cry at night, but now he was OK with it. "Uh, sounds like we might have Rosie on the weekends here." He smiled then.

"Really?" She looked shocked about that. "God, I was hoping I could get Kyle to, you know, be closer."

"Well, it'll work out. It will." He sipped the last of his champagne orange juice.

"Yeah, of course it will." She winced just slightly.

"And how's Elliot?" Doyle wanted to know.

"Fine." She smiled then as if he might be a happy thought.

"Don't worry so much about Evan." Doyle put his hand on Amanda's back. Of course, she hugged him immediately as if some of his charm might be magic that might sweeten her life.


ivy's closet said...

I have to wonder if she's really up for it.

She is Sara said...

Aww this was a sweet moment. I love when friends are there for each other like this :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she can really come through on this. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, this will be her chance to show everyone that she can take care of the baby.

molly said...

Aw, I think it'll be great if she helps out with Evan.

meg said...

Amanda seems happier now.

maggeygrace said...

eee! This is what friends are for :) Yay!!! It made me smile:)

simon and josh said...

so sweet. he is a good friend to her.

the oaks said...

I'm glad Doyle is there for her.

so jade said...

I hope this will be a good thing.