Monday, September 6, 2010

like old times

 Some of Ian's old school mates were at the wake. Naturally, they'd started without him. But then again, Ian wasn't much more than for juice at this thing. It felt a bit formal. Well, he was dressed in a suit and tie. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been this confined.

"We should hang," Jules, a tall dark haired teenager was all grins sipping a thick lager. "An all nighter, you know, like old times."

Ian blinked, he never remember being out all night with Jules and Bing, his other mate with the goofy grin. They must have him mistaken. He wasn't that much of a delinquent. Soon, Ian felt a chill. He didn't want to know them anymore. If he knew what they were getting at, Jules would find a dealer and then it would really be serious fun. Ian didn't want a part of it. Call him a pussy or worse, he just didn't need this sort of pressure right now. He was grieving. Although, he wasn't sure how, other than feel the tragedy like stones weighing his chest down. He could hardly breathe in the crowd.  He just wanted to get out fast. Take a walk. All alone. Was that so much to ask?

He slipped out just to see it was dark and pouring rain, again. He sighed. Closing his eyes, wanting to remember his mother. Something. But no. Nothing. Nothing good. Just her temper. She might start of saying something nice. It would be pleasant. She could fool him that way. Once she got him in her grasp, she might scream at him over the smallest things. He used to think she'd be better without a drink, but then he could hardly stand her sober. She was so moody.

Just then he felt someone's hand take his. He opened his eyes wide.

"Where might you be slipping off too?" It was Collette, the girl he never could quite stand in his elementary classes. She was the number one cow at school. At least then. Always being called awful names. But she knew numbers and books. She might not have looked a bit smart, but she was. And she nagged him so, which was why he was made to sit next to her. If it hadn't been for those formative years with Collette, he never would have made good marks.

"No where." He shook his head.

"Do you know how good it is to see you?" She smiled.

"How good?" He didn't know what else to say. He felt so miserable, and she had enough laughter for the both of them, Ian supposed.

"You're quite a laugh, aren't you?" Collette smiled. They went back into the pub and found them a place to sit. Soon Bing and Jules found them.

"What are you doing, mate? Have you no shame, being with that cow?" Jules piped in.

"Shut it, you two." She snapped. "You are only to say nice things on such an occasion as this. Besides, Ian is going to tell me all about his life in the states."

"Boring shit, more like it." Jules snidely remarked.

"Still can't believe you'd do it with her, mate." Bing said under his breath.

Ian suddenly felt he was caught in the middle of something. He hugged himself as he looked up at all of them as if he was seriously lost.

"Don't mind him, Ian." She played with Ian's hair falling in his face. He edged slightly. "It was just a one off."

Ian winced. He hoped she didn't think-

He looked at both of the boys. That's what they were thinking. He could see it in their eyes. They thought he'd be her next one off.


ori said...

What a predicament to be in.

izzy and dev said...

I'm scared for him.

meg said...

Some friends they are. Wow, ..maybe Collette is nice, though.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope he's okay. :/

Winnie said...

Seems like he is caught in a bit of a situation!

ivy said...

I hope Ian gets out of this situation.

the oaks said...

I think he's got the worst friends.

E.L. said...

I feel so bad for him.

Becky Regina said...

Wow hope he'll be okay !