Thursday, September 2, 2010


"I thought you were going with Dad and Ian?" Eric was surprised to see his sister Dora. They were alone at the house. Eric really hoped Syd got back soon because he was worried what ever she did these days. She was also amazing at keeping the peace between him and his sister.

"Well, I would have if Dad had paid, but he wouldn't. Says I'm old enough to take care of that." She was working part-time now, but still lived with a houseful of college kids off in Sioux City.

"What were you expecting to accomplish, anyway?" He went to look in the fridge for some pop or iced tea.

"I dunno. Maybe move back or something." Dora shrugged.

"Really?" Eric smiled. He liked the idea of her living far away. They'd never really been close.

"I feel so alone right now." She hugged herself, but she took a Green Tea from him.

"Sorry." He knew it wouldn't last for long. She was a bit peculiar. He could never be certain who she might fall for. A professor, her roommate, an artist she couldn't get enough of. It was always someone different.

"I just figured I could hang out with Ollie, if all else failed." She pursed her lips then.

"I had no idea you two were even close." Eric's eyes lit. For all he knew it could possibly be something sexual. He wouldn't dare ask. Wasn't that he was really family, was he? Just Ian's half-brother.

"Oh, we're not." She winced. "But he's a laugh, still."

Eric nodded as he poured himself some cold tea from the fridge.

"Have you ever wondered, if he might be our brother, as well?" Eric brought up then.

"Why on earth would you think such? His Dad was some old professor who croaked before he was two." Dora scowled.

"I forgot about that." But it was rather interesting, Eric thought now. And his Dad had always been close to him. He guessed. Well, it seemed that way. Eric recalled some bitter spats while growing up between his mom and dad over Oliver. Eric supposed Oliver had been his arch nemesis even if he had rarely met Oliver on occasion. As it was, he wasn't sure he'd recognize him now, but found himself feeling the need to know him.


ivy said...

I'm glad his sister is there. Hmmmm..interesting conversation.

Keith said...

I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off from work. Now I've got to find a new job. I'm not looking forward to that at all. Wish me luck. Take care of yourself. Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Holly said...

wow, interesting how this is a bit of a mystery about Oliver.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oliver is very interesting. :)

another skin said...

Oh, at least they aren't having a fuss.

molly said...

Its coming together. I suppose..about Oliver.

ori said...

Oh, he should see his brother..even if he might not be completely related. .Oliver is still part of his family.