Saturday, October 30, 2010

he could be a creep

Ian was kind of scared of Amy's sister. He thought they should stay away from her. Naturally, he'd barely seen Violet, but that mad look on her face... she was like a scary witch waiting to put a hex on someone. He did his best not to discuss her with Amy. After all, she'd told him how her sister had came into her room and just stood over her, not so long ago.

He wanted to say there had to be a reasonable explanation, but it was best to have a good life of some kind. And that meant cooking. They cooked a lot at the apartment after school. Of course,  he had his step-mom to put up with. She didn't quite believe in all the baking. She'd question him terribly about what were they really up too.

On top of that, Amanda had pleaded with him that he needed to be friends with her brother Derrick. That was an undertaking. Derrick hated everything and everyone. No one was quite cool enough for him. He snubbed everything, but still he showed up after school, everyday for the few minutes Ian had with Amy. So no, there was really nothing romantically going on.

Before he knew it, he had Derrick following him to the library. Ian kept thinking they weren't meant to be friends, but there he was listening to Derrick, talking about how good things used to be at his old school.

"Then why aren't you there?" Ian asked him one night as they were closing up.

"Because I don't have any friends, there." Derrick finally admitted.

"And you do, here?" That gave Ian a laugh, but then he knew Derrick wanted friends. Maybe.

Ian so wanted to explain to him that he was trying to be in a relationship now. Even if he didn't think Amy wanted anything other than a friend, but he needed to be there for her. That's when Ian told Derrick about Amy's older sister.

"God, I want to meet her." Derrick made it sound as if it would be a challenge. He needed a challenge.

"She hates people." Ian informed him.

"So." Derrick was all smiles. "Its not like I'm going to abuse the situation."

Ian winced. What was he talking about? Exactly. "Its a no win situation. She's not going to talk. She's like this stoic thing, with no personality. I don't even like the fact that Amy has to live with her. She's mental. She needs to be in a hospital." But Derrick took it all in, as some sort of fascination.

"Look, I've been with all sorts of..of women." Derrick told him.

That gave Ian a laugh. He was glad none of Derrick's charms had worked with Amy. Evidently, Derrick was serious. Ian really didn't want to know exactly what that meant.

"Just, just..I dunno. Don't you have a concert or something, for Halloween?" Ian hoped Derrick stayed away from Amy's sister. But why, why should he have to be his keeper? After all, Ian just wanted a night off from work with his girlfriend.


meg said...

I don't see them getting along.

better days said...

I dunno about these 2.

ivy's closet said...

hahahaa..about Derrick talking about 'women'...

simon and josh said...

It'll be fun to see how this develops.

Em [the writer] said...

I wonder how this will all turn out.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm not sure what will happen with the two of them. :/

ayşegül said...

ı have problem wıth these two :P
get good y ..:))

Meg said...

Hmm, this could be interesting.