Thursday, October 28, 2010

it might be lovely

Lon was always known for never meeting a stranger he didn't like. But he had to face the fact, it was kind of complicated getting to know Eric. OK, so maybe he hadn't really tried to get to know him. Actually. He didn't want to. He just couldn't see him having anything in common with Eric, other than Ellie. Eric was her boyfriend from high school. And he didn't want to think he might be jealous, but he might have been.

Then there were just everyday things on his mind. Like work. Charlie. His past catching up to him. Honestly, he just wanted to leave it alone. He'd take the long road when it came to having to be friends with all of Ellie's long time friends.

Lets face it, he could hardly stand Roger, and he'd lived at his house a lot longer than he wanted. And now they all lived in the same neighborhood. Honestly, it wasn't that much work to be friendly with everyone. A part of him felt it might have been show, half the time. He was closer to those who he had things in common with, especially, Kyle. But he got along with Roger's boyfriend too. But really, he didn't try to get to know Eric.

But then, he finally felt a connection. Eric was a young dad, too. And it felt like they were suddenly in a new fraternity, but this had to do with changing pampers, and car seats and the fact The Wiggles were on their playlist. So he fixed Eric's lawn mower.

"I hate yard work." Eric admitted that he never thought of having a lawn, ever. He'd lived in a lot of apartments over his life time and this back yard was just too much.

"Really? It relaxes me." Lon just said to aggravate him.

"You're kidding, right?" Eric winced.

"What... You could do is start composting now. Maybe even put a few strawberry and raspberry plants out before its too late and by summer you could have something to pick." Lon looked at the landscape. There was enough sunshine for a small garden. He walked it off, told him he could help him with the garden if he wanted.

"And then you might want chickens." Lon grinned. Yeah, he'd tell Eric about his new passion. They had three chickens in a little coop in the back yard. They laid eggs everyday. Farm fresh eggs. It really wasn't that messy. It was quite sweet and Charlie was learning about birds and eggs.

"Really?" Eric sounded as if he were fascinated.

"You know, what I really want." Lon knew Eric might think he was weird now. "A pig."

"Yeah, like Ellie would go for that." Eric laughed.

"They are clean animals." Lon thought so. He remembered a friend of his father's having a hog farm. He'd been there to see piglets with their mom. It was a memory that always made him smile. They were so adorable. But he supposed he couldn't have a pig in the city. Lon so wanted to move to the country. He really hoped they did, some day.

The City Chicken

Urban Farming


Krystal said...

It's always weird getting along with other peoples friends!
(thanks for answering the question, too!)

ivy's closet said...

There is a big urban farm movement in our community.

better days said...

Lon seems to enjoy living. Maybe he can show Eric a lot more to enjoying a back yard.

Holly said...

Lon would definitely be a good friend to have.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awkward moments; but I really love Lon! :)

She is Sara said...

This was sweet, I hope they do move someday, that sounds so nice :)

Pearl Westwood said...

I like Lon!

molly said...

I like his ingenuity.