Sunday, October 3, 2010

making time

"Don't look at me, like that." Amanda didn't give Elliot the evil eye long. Truth be told, they had a schedule and it didn't involve babies or kids who couldn't stay in their beds. She didn't want to feel guilty about this, and she didn't for about twenty minutes or so, being in bed with Elliot. Yes, it was  more than a back rub, but there was a lot of things they needed to do alone. And it began with a kiss and ended with one too. Of course, that meant he'd be asleep in five minutes. That's always the way this worked.

Amanda got dressed and picked up her cell right away.

"See, its not even ten thirty." She reminded Ian with the kids. "Where are you?" She didn't really like all this meeting up stuff in the middle of the night. She guessed she was awful and should feel guilty.

"I'm at Amy's."

"Can you bring them home?" Perhaps she'd never go to all this much trouble for a quickie, again. She wasn't sure Elliot deserved her attention. He was totally taking her for granted, she was beginning to think, or maybe she was insane.

Ian said they were on their way.

She looked in her purse to see if she had any money. She didn't. There was just a gift card from Starbucks. There was about ten dollars on it. Hopefully, Ian wouldn't mind.

Naturally, she was very apologetic when he got there with the kids. Amy helped him with Rosie while he had Evan in his car seat.

"Are you, OK?" Ian wondered.

"Yes." She snapped. "I'm just fine." She didn't want to say this wasn't about her. But someone else. Even if Elliot would never admit that. "Everything is OK." She slipped him the gift card then. "Really, I won't do it, again. I won't." She promised. "Just needed some-some alone time with Elliot. Can, can you not tell Eric, please!" Amanda found herself begging then. She looked at Amy. Maybe it was the perfect ending for Ian. He at least got some help from someone who looked like she might be charmed by him.

"All right, but-" he gave her a serious glare. "If you need me, just call." He let it go, at that, while she held Evan as if now it was there time together while Rosie went off to bed. She was glad Evan wasn't fussy now. He seemed to enjoy her company, and she stayed up with him, cuddling. She told him how there just weren't enough hours in the day for everybody. Amanda smiled. She listened to his babble. It felt good to have him in her arms.


Becky Regina said...

Nice :)

the oaks said...

Love the pictures. Still think she's going way out of her way for him. Elliot..I mean.

meg said...

So pretty. The bed. I dunno...I think Elliot must be unaware of somethings going on..maybe. But I think Ian was good to keep the kids like that.

ivy said...

Sometimes, I can understand how Amanda is the way she is. Its interesting to see how Kyle perceives her too. But I'm glad she's getting to spend time with Evan.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The lengths she's going to is a bit odd. :/

MyStyle said...

Hi there-hope you're keeping well, sounds like Amanda is going through some stressful times! Have a nice Sunday x

Winnie said...

Like the picture! Though I desperately want to try and straighten out the wallpaper! hope Amanda is ok.

Meg said...

I really like the picture. I think Amanda needs to simplify her life.