Sunday, October 10, 2010

making up

Kyle didn't know how to tell Amber he was sorry. But he was.

"I feel stupid." Kyle had been wrong about everything this summer. He guessed he hadn't paid enough attention to Amber and what she was having to deal with with Hilda and Olivia's mother. "I should have listened. But- all this is kind of overwhelming. I mean, I wasn't even sure if I was suppose to have that job I had, either. I was just thankful I had it and-and-" He didn't know how to explain this to her now. At least they had their room at Roger's now. They had somehow survived the summer. Things were getting better.

"I know. I still feel bad about things with my Mom." She sounded sad. "The more I see Olivia and her Mom, I keep thinking about my own. But I'm still mad at my Dad." She told him. "I'm so glad I'm with you. Really. I think I'm learning a lot about self." She gave him a sly grin then.

"You know, we won't have weekends by ourselves." He touched her shoulders then.

"Its OK. Its not a problem. Rosie is full of information." Amber smiled.

"She's so much like Amanda." He nodded.

"No, she's all Rosie. Really, she is. She's more like you, than you think." Amber hugged him then.

"Really? I don't think so."

"She's a funny kid." Amber laughed.

"I'm a funny kid?" He looked at her then.

"You're not a kid, anymore." She promised with an open grin.


ayşegül said...

ı touch your shoulders to get a good
weekend sunday :D

molly said...

I liked her last line about him not being a kid anymore.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I like their banter. :)

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad they have a new place with their friends to live.

meg said...

I think they are good for each other.

the oaks said...

They seem happy now.

DFF said...

I'm glad they are happy.

degrassi after hours said...

they are so cute.

Winnie said...

Aw cute. I still call people 'kid' even though they are definitely not kids anymore!