Saturday, October 9, 2010

getting into the act

It would have gone so much more smoothly with giving back Evan if Rosie hadn't put her two cents worth in. Amanda wished Rosie would have kept her mouth shut.

"I saw my uncle boyfriend." She told Eric. She was happy to see Eric and would have crawled into his lap if he would have sat down.

"Who's that?" Eric winced.

"You know!" Rosie was all playful.

Eric gave Amanda a look as if she better fess up.

"Just your brother. We saw him." Amanda tried to keep it simple.

"He works at the lie-berry." Rosie nodded.

"Ian." Eric smiled as if he could be nice to little kids, but not Amanda. Soon he left with Evan.

Amanda had mixed feelings about it. She finally felt they'd connected. Her and Evan. Yet, it was a relief not to have to be put on the spot with him too. She was ready for a little time for herself. It was a fun thought in her head that she'd get the weekend alone with Elliot. She felt selfish about it, but not really. It was a lot to ask of Elliot to have to put up with her two kids. She knew he would give her space with them. And he was good to Rosie, but sometimes, she wondered if it bothered him. She didn't think it did, but sometimes she wondered. Maybe it was just school, that was getting to him. It was complicated. She kept telling herself everything was perfect, but was there anything really perfect in life?

"Look, you don't need to be... always butting into the conversation, all the time." Amanda told Rosie when she was serving her cereal and juice.

"But I wasn't using my butt." Rosie informed her.

"What?" Amanda winced. See, another reason she needed a real grownup weekend. Not stuck having to explain everything to Rosie. As it was, Rosie knew everyones name on Days of Our Lives. She spoke about them as if they were part of the family. Just one more thing she was going to have to explain to her, not to tell her Daddy about.

She reached for the kid's yoga video from the library then. Perhaps they could do some yoga.

"Now this is going to show us just how we use our butt." Amanda smiled. She guessed it was a start. Something they could do together.


Krystal said...

funny =)

lucy and sarah said...

"I wasn't using my butt?" I love Rosie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Rosie is a character - love her!! :)

gleenn said...

I love Rosie. And I love how you built her character! :)

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ivy said...

I love Rosie's lines.

Meg said...

Rosie is so cute.