Friday, October 8, 2010

unaware of so many things

"WHAT!" Eric just about lost it when he heard what his Mom had done, letting Amanda keep Evan. "How could you?" He thought he might have a brain cramp of some kind. He couldn't help but over-react. He stomped around the kitchen at the new place still not sure where everything was put. He was doing good to turn on the coffee pot. He felt lost, and even more so without Evan.

"Well, she is his mother." Eric's mother told him.

"And your point? He's with me! He's suppose to be with me. I ask for this one little thing. If you could let him stay with you a week or two." He sighed as he turned on the coffee pot, knowing now that was too much to ask. He shouldn't have. He really shouldn't have. They could have managed, somehow.

"I thought she needed him. He needs her. You can't deprive her-"

"Mom, this has been decided. We have rules to go by. Amanda-"  Eric tensed. He needed to drink his coffee. And get Evan. He wasn't going to take his chances to see what Amanda might pull, if she hadn't already. "Look, I'm going to get  him. He belongs here. Not with her."

He didn't wait to get his coffee. He called Amanda right away and of course, he woke her.

"What are you doing?" She sounded so sluggish as if every morning was zombieland for her.

"I know Evan's there. I can't believe you didn't call me or anything!" He snapped.

"He's asleep." She sounded as if she might be asleep too. He heard her yawn.

"I'm coming over." He informed her.

"All right." She sighed.

He hung up then. There was a schedule to go by. He kept telling himself. He was used to it. So was Evan. But everything was changing. He knew it. And it shook a bit inside him to know, that he was going to have to let her spend time with Evan.


Meg said...

It must be so hard for him. I know he has Evan's best interests at heart.

She is Sara said...

aww I love how passionate he is about Evan!

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see someone looking out for Evan!! :)

ellie said...

I hope he and amanda can see eye to eye on things more.

lucy and sarah said...

Yeah, I hope it'll be better for Evan if he can see Amanda..some of the time.

E.L. said...

Its hard being parents when you aren't together. Eric is complicated.

meg said...

I'm not sure who I feel bad for. Evan.

I dunno. His mom should have really been up front about this. You know, like was she tired of watching a baby or did she just think Amanda needed to take care of the baby. She really should have told Eric what she was doing.

so jade said...

I hope they get this straightened out.