Friday, October 1, 2010

uncle boyfriend

Homecoming came and went without Ian. Actually, he didn't even know when it happened or anything. He had to admit he was keeping busy, putting in as many hours as they'd give him at work. And then Amy showed up at work.

"Where have you been?" She sounded like she'd been looking for him, but he knew she hadn't. It wasn't exactly like she'd called him or texted.

"Right here." He shrugged as if he didn't feel like telling her about his brother's wedding nor the arrival of his new niece. True, it had been kind of a long ordeal, but at least the guilt wasn't there about how he'd been with his mother. Maybe that's why he stayed alone. He tried to keep his head in his old Andre Norton fantasy books when he could. He wanted to stop thinking about the reality of his life, but it was always there to haunt  him when he least expected it. It could be when he spotted the DVD Love Actually which was actually his Mom's favorite movie. Or it could be when someone brought up the word scones. His mother loved to make them. It was tough. It was like an emotional bomb would set off, and he felt he would never completely get on with his life. Ever.  "What do you want?" No smile. Nothing. Amy didn't have to be here. He did.

"Nothing." She sort of smiled.

Ian just nodded went back to work, but she was still there. He didn't make an effort to ask why. Suddenly, an eruption came, in the form of Amanda with a baby and Rosie.

"Thank God, you are still here." She ignored Amy's presence completely. "Could you? Could you take Evan." She was breathless and lost. He was in his carseat. He seemed fine. His pacifer was in place, sucking contently.

"What's wrong?" Ian winced. He needed to be dimming the lights. Telling everyone they had 15 minutes to check out. The library was closing.

"I need some alone time." She said quickly.

"With who?" He suspected Elliot.

"Please, its been so- well, you know." She had that little pout of hers that meant she'd get her way or else.

"Fine." He was left with the baby and Rosie.

"Is he yours?" Amy was making smiles at Evan, and he was flirting right back.

"NO." Ian looked at her wide-eyed. He thought he might have a heart failure at that statement. He blinked then and Rosie informed Amy that he was her uncle.

"My uncle boyfriend." Rosie called Ian as she took his hand.

"An uncle and a boyfriend." Amy smiled at Ian. "I'm impressed."

Ian gritted a smile. Why was Amanda doing this to him? This was the last thing he needed.


ivy said...

an uncle and a boyfriend..made me smile.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha!! Such a funny way to introduce someone!! :P

Syed said...

I wonder what Amy is actually doing there.

ori said...

Yeah, I think Rosie just might help Ian in the girlfriend department.

She is Sara said...

lol that was cute, poor guys is so stressed! :(

DFF said...

She's a funny kid.

the oaks said...

Poor Ian, I can see how shocked he'd be..her asking if the baby is his.