Friday, November 5, 2010

carry on carry on

Ellie was sure of it now. Life was strange and so much, she was very unaware of. She watched her step-mother make coffee so early. It felt odd being at her father's house this early in the morning. It was either this or on standby at the hospital.

Her sister had been in a carwreck.

"Was something the matter?" Ellie wanted to know. She felt half giddy though, thinking of Lon and how she adored him, even the hairs on his forearms made her happy to think about.

She was happy and sad at once. She knew she had to show concern for her sister, but it was so hard. She wished a part of her was on fast forward. She wished she had her baby already and all was well. Of course, she was so scared of child birth.

"What?" Kyle's mother broke her train of thought.

"You know, was Lisa in a bad mood, or something?" Ellie sighed.

"Oh, you know, she was just trying to get to work." At least the boys were at the daycare before the crash. "It could have been worse." Just two broken legs, but still she was so bruised and looked so awful.

Suddenly, Ellie was overcome with tears. She thought she'd been awful the last few months to Lisa. She hadn't wanted to spend time with her.

"Your sister is going to be fine." Her step-mother's smile was genuine. After all, she was a nurse. Ellie pushed back her hair from her face. She hated being so emotional. Her sister had hardly had the job at the bank, but for three weeks. She didn't know until now how her sister got in a fight during her first job at a department store where she punched someone out.

Just then Ellie's nephew peaked around the corner. His big blue eyes stared up at her. Before she knew it, he'd crawled in her lap with his crocheted bear she'd made him. He hugged her as if she was the closest thing to a Mom he had.

Ellie didn't know what to think. Did this mean, he thought he was going home with her?


Becky Regina said...

Poor her :(

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

Such a hard time for her... what will she do about her nephew?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! I truly feel horrible for her right now. :/

better days said...

Oh, her sister and her troubles. I think she just gives Ellie more guilt than anything.

lucy and sarah said...

There is plenty of her family to take care of her kids. It shouldn't have to be Ellie's place.

meg said...

Oh, its never easy when things happen like this.

nick and heath said...

Hopefully, it'll be like a wake up call for Lisa, or something.