Thursday, November 11, 2010

its a dinner party

"You know I really wanted to have Ellie and Lon here for the dinner party." Syd paced about with Ella who she'd just fed. She hoped the baby wasn't coming down with something. Just what she needed with a dinner still in the oven. "I needed them here." She looked at Eric as if he had best find more guests. She didn't really want to deal with Liz nor Eric's sister.

"Well, you know, she's a bit under. We can't just force them." Eric was vacuuming the living-room one more time.

"Did I say we'd force them." She knew Lon and Ellie weren't coming. But who could possibly keep Dora from going off the deep end. "You did call Olivia, right?"

"Yes." He sighed as if he really didn't want to fuss about this "Its just dinner."

Syd knew she'd never do this again. Never. She'd made Lasagna only she hadn't actually made it. She'd picked up from the grocery freezer. And the bread sitcks were heating in the oven. She had bought cheese cake too and the salad was from the deli. She hoped no one tested her on this. It would be nice to just have people over. She thought. But then it was trouble.

Shortly, the door bell rang after Eric put the vacuum away. He held on to Evan while Syd put Ella in the downstairs crib that was in the den. Olivia along with Amber, Kyle and Ravi came right in as if they knew the place rather well. Then Roger showed up with flowers. It was a nice a touch. No Doyle, though. He was at work.

Suddenly, Syd felt at ease. It was sort of like old times. They generally tried to have dinner together once a week when they lived together. They snacked on cheese and crackers for a bit while waiting for Dora and Liz.

"Well, maybe something came up." Syd smiled as if she thought it was too late for either of them to show up. It was a happy thought, but then Dora showed. She was so excited. She'd just past her police exam.

"I had no idea you were even thinking about being a cop?" Eric was in shock, but he gave her a hug. She told them all about how she'd start training in the spring.

Syd was impressed. Maybe Dora really wasn't so selfish, after all. She gave her a hug too. Finally, like a grand entrance, Liz arrived, but she wasn't alone. She had brought a guest.


Krystal said...

who? who!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! I am dying to know!! :)

better days said...

Liz is going her own way on this one.

ivy's closet said...

I hope Liz will talk to Syd.