Wednesday, November 10, 2010

just another fix

"Mom,  you can't be serious?" Elliot winced. He gripped the house phone hard. He just didn't know if he could listen to her, anymore. "You know, we're on overload as it is. I don't have anytime to entertain Asa. What do you want me to do?"

"We are giving him your place above the garage to live. The least you could do is have him over. You know, Sunday nights." His Mom informed him. "Besides, he says he's looking for a wife."

"A wife?" That was a laugh. Asa? Hadn't he been in college all this time? "What am I suppose to do? Fix him up?" He didn't know, anyone. After all, his folks would think no one around was good enough for Asa. Wasn't he just a Momma's boy, anyway?

"Maybe you know some singles at your school?" She pondered.

Elliot blew out a breath. This was just ridiculous. Most everyone he knew at school were old and ready to retire. But then again, he hadn't exactly looked at any of the new teachers. Even so, it would just be wrong to ask one of them, if they'd like a date with his cousin. She nagged him about what to bring for Thanksgiving. And she asked about that daughter of Amanda's. Where would she be this Thanksgiving? Should she expect her?

"I don't know." Elliot wanted to back out on this dinner, but he knew he'd be in serious trouble if he did.

"Why don't you know? This is serious. I have a menu to plan." His mother reminded him.

"If she comes, she can eat off our plates." Elliot told her. Rosie was still a baby. She barely ate anything.

"Don't you mock me." Her words left him with an unpleasant feeling. Maybe this was the year they started their own tradition and forget his parents.

Finally Amanda got home with Rosie. He was glad to be off the phone so he could scoop her up in his arms and whirl Rosie around. He smiled at her. Although, there was a bit of him who wished she was his own, but he knew they definitely couldn't afford another kid right now.

"So how's Ellie?" Elliot asked, finally letting Rosie down so she could run to her room.

"I guess OK." Amanda remained even lipped though.

"Just got off the phone with my Mom." Elliot wrapped himself around Amanda and gave her a kiss.

"What are we wearing this year for dinner?" Amanda frowned. His Mom liked having a big Christmas picture taken on her stairway, and she liked everyone to be in a certain color.

"I didn't ask. And I really don't care." He told her. "She's all worried about my cousin, Asa. She seems to think I can get him married off while he's here."

"Do you even know him?" Amanda rested her finger tips on his shoulder.

"Used too." Elliot smiled. "He was a lady's man." Elliot exaggerated.

"Well, I'm sure he can find his own lady then." Amanda mocked right back.

Elliot just grinned. He kissed Amanda in the kitchen. He should have been looking over lesson plans, but he really didn't want too.


Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

I can't stand fixing people up -- too much pressure!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Fixing people up always seems to end up in disaster! :/

simon and josh said...

I laughed when Elliot said 'he's a lady's man..cause that's what I think of Elliot.

ivy's closet said...

That was funny. I do wonder how his cousin will be.

meg said...

This definitely looks interesting.