Tuesday, November 2, 2010

not another saint

Ian was sure of it now. Derrick was a hero even if he had a breathing mask on now at the hospital and laid there in bed half asleep.

The night of Halloween, he'd brought Amy home early enough. By ten and that's when they found her house in flames. Ian had never witnessed such a stench. So much smoke. Flickering lights, dancing about from cop cars, fire trucks to even an ambulance. Luckily, all had survived. And it was the beginning of a long night.

He waited with Amy at the emergency room. She would call her Mom ever so often to tell her mom about her Dad who had inhaled a lot of smoke. He seemed he was OK, but he was having panic attacks on top of everything else. And Violet was in the psych ward.

"I don't even care what happens to her." Amy was adamant about it. Ian sensed she had no feelings for her sister. It almost scared Ian that she could be that stoic about the situation. Her Dad on the other hand, she was clearly upset about. And the fact that everything she owned was burned up.

She tried to say how thankful she was that her Dad made it out alive. But she was miserable too. Amy was certain her sister had done it, out of spite. Violet hated the family. And with that, she kept clinging on to Ian, who could only stand strong and try not to fall with fatigue with her.

He tried to see Derrick that night, who was in the hospital himself. Derrick kept saying he was fine. Everything was fine, but Ian didn't know if he believed him. He knew everything was wrong with Amy now.


Krystal said...

oh my gosh!

She is Sara said...

Holy crap!! Wow, that is a lot of damage!!

better days said...

Poor Amy. Glad Derrick is ok.

ivy's closet said...

I do wonder what Amy will do.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope Ian can deal with Amy ok.

molly said...

I do feel bad for Amy. I'm glad everyone is OK, though.