Thursday, November 25, 2010

We both go together if one falls down

Didn't anybody know the best time to shelve was when the library wasn't open? It made Ian smile to think it. He felt giddy, suddenly. Amy was away with her Mom. At least for the weekend. He might get his bed back. Maybe.

Anyway, everyone was out shopping or eating and here he was with Derrick. They had the library to themselves.

"I can't believe they are letting me do this. But they said I could get up to 4 hours if I wanted since we are way behind, you know." Thanks to that wonderful Heidi who broke her wrist doing roller derby. She hadn't even been there a month.

"I just wish I knew if I had this job or not." Derrick had heard nothing.

"Well, they take forever around here to do anything. Its just the library." Ian shrugged as he went back to his cart that Derrick was helping with. He was thinking then how long Derrick had been waiting to hear something. What could be the problem?

"You're...16...right?" Ian looked at Derrick.

"No." He winced.

"Shit." Ian sighed shaking his head. "God, why did I do this? I'm sorry." He got it now. Why hadn't he remembered? "You have to be sixteen to work here."

"What?" Derrick dropped a book then. Ian knew he wanted to throw it. "It'll be forever before I turn 16 cause I just turned 15." Derrick gave Ian an ominous look.

"I thought you were older." But then he knew Derrick didn't drive. Ian figured it was for insurance reasons.

"Jesus, what the fuck am I doing here?" He gave Ian a sour look.

"I didn't mean-" He felt awful about this as if he'd lead him on. Like he might have had an alterive motive. Did he?

Derrick went back to shelving books.

"You should just go. OK. You know, do something fun." Ian shrugged.

"No. No, its all right." Derrick nodded.

"Really, you don't have to be here." Ian told him, thinking he should think of a way of paying him back. He didn't think a paper saying Junior Volunteer was going to cut it.

"What else am I gonna do today. I want to hang out with you." Derrick admitted. There might have been kind of a smile on Derrick's face, but then again, he really wasn't into genuinely smiling.

"Dude, that's so kind of you. But you don't have too." Ian assured him, kind of joking, but seriously he felt bad about wanting him to get the job. It was just it would have been really sweet if Derrick did have the job.

"You know you'd rather be with me than with Amy." Derrick smirked then.

Ian winced and shook his head. Ian turned back to shelve the mysteries away. He bit hid bottom lip. Derrick just might be right.