Tuesday, December 21, 2010

come on, everybody

"What are you doing up?" Derrick hoped he wasn't too damn happy when he came home to find Rosie in the dark, watching TV.

She gave him a shrug as if this was going to be the worst Christmas ever. He plopped himself by her and put his arm around her. It was hard to tell if she were mad or just sad. She stared at the cartoon and Derrick thought of Ian, wishing he was still with him. Thankfully, he dropped Josie off first. He didn't think she noticed anything different. Just that he showed up, and Ian made him dance with her a few times. Of course, he was smiling too much then. He hadn't meant to. It all felt like fast forward now, and he wanted to rewind things slowly instead. A shiver of excitement thrilled him as he hugged Rosie close.

Naturally, Derrick had tried to get Ian to stay over. But he wouldn't. He guessed Ian was right. He didn't want to damage this with overkill. He grinned now thinking how Ian said. "You're just 15. And well, I'd treat you like I would anybody else who's 15. I want to be with you, but I don't want to rush into anything, either." Derrick cracked up then. This was so amazing. He could hardly contain himself.

"What's so funny?" Rosie then looked up at him.

"Nothing, just a dumb joke I heard." His smile was open and part of him felt so free, but was he really? He couldn't exactly talk about Ian and him. Together.

"I want to hear it." She hugged him tight.

"I don't think you'd find it that funny." Derrick sighed.

"Just like Christmas. I don't think it'll be any fun, either." She was back to her sad self. Derrick just winced. What was she talking about?


meg said...

That was a sweet moment with Rosie.

ivy's closet said...

aw, poor Rosie. Its not easy being Derrick.

lucy and sarah said...

I love this scene with her. But I do wonder where her mother is???

Cafe Fashionista said...

Rosie is such a sweetheart; I wish things were better for her. :(

simon and josh said...

Something has to be going on at home. Has to.

It's a Girl said...

Happy Holidays! (she said sarcastically) hopefully things will go better.