Monday, December 27, 2010

in with the new ....out with the old

Christmas had been relatively quiet. Everyone was coupled. Just about. Oliver and Kayla. Syd and Eric. It was nice. Thankfully, no one said anything about Amy. She was after all, with her family back in Boston. Eric's Mom hadn't question Ian. She'd noticed Josie's sightings. And she'd smile about that. He knew she was happy not to have one more to include in everything. It had been tight when Amy was there. It wasn't that she disliked her, but he knew she was enjoying her time off with his Dad.

Eric's Mom had been really nice to Oliver too, but it might have been another story if Oliver had lived there. Anyway, Ian knew it was good to get away, so his dad could spend some time with Eric's Mom, alone. And Oliver was his timid self, about learning to drive. Evidently, it kept both he and Kayla preoccupied. It was kind of funny. But really, he thought it was sweet, how everyone was getting along. And then there was Derrick.

He was thankful no one knew in the family about them just yet, because he wasn't so sure he knew what to think, either. Ian wasn't up to be questioned about it, yet.  Couldn't he wait to see where it went?

It was something new. He didn't want to call it a fad or a phase. He didn't want to hear Amy tell him that he was just getting back at her. He had had nightmares the last couple of nights about her finding out about Derrick and him. It was scary, thinking of her going insane. That was definitely not what this was about.

It just happened. But he didn't think he was gay. He didn't talk funny, and he could very well not sing the high notes like Kurt from GLEE. Seriously, Derrick was the last person he'd ever thought would  be...kissable. This was not supposed to be happening. But he just wanted to see where it went. It might be over before New Years. He was beginning to think. Maybe.

"Well, quit being so tense about it. Will you?" Derrick was definitely on a different level than Ian was, and it wasn't about a video game, either. Here he was with him. At Derrick's, sleeping over. Which he'd done many times before. But it was just different. Because he knew they were different. And sleeping over could be a lot different now. Not that anyone had to think it might be.

The house was quiet. It did bother Ian that someone might hear them. So he acted as if he needed sleep. Yet he knew he left Derrick restless, and he was a bit of a baby about it. He turned from him. "God, you'd think you worked for the FBI and took an oath to never even think about sex."

Ian rolled his eyes at that. He was still as he laid there on his back wondering if he should go home, but the wind whipped and snow and ice were hitting the basement window. He shivered slightly, thinking of a white out.

"OK, lets just-"

Naturally, Derrick was there touching his abs in a mega-second. It was like falling in a pit of heat, and it wasn't long until he knew Derrick made him happy. He wished he wasn't this happy, but they kept each other warm for a very long time until he slipped into a deep sleep.

"Come on." The next thing he knew Derrick was tugging at him. "Lets take a shower." He was all smiles.

"What are you talking about?" Ian rubbed sleep from his eyes.

"Shower. Now." Derrick smiled as if he'd been inspired by some naughty dream.

"Why?" Ian whispered back as if it could mean trouble.

"Shower sex." He just beamed as if it were the best idea ever.

"No." But he was dragging him along. After all the bathroom was in his room. "You said we wouldn't rush into this."

"You're making more of it, than it is." Derrick promised. He turned on the shower. Wasn't like anyone was heading downstairs to stop them. Soon enough, it was steamy. Hot. They were kissing. Touching was inevitable. Soap was a second thought. So much kissing. And then they heard  the thud of footsteps. Ian broke away and turned off the water. They were quiet. It was someone, upstairs. But they were stomping around. Glass broke. Harsh words were heard.

Ian looked at Derrick. This wasn't about them. But something was happening. Derrick was dripping wet and grabbed on his sweats.

"Just stay here." He told Ian as he went upstairs to investigate. Ian was searching for a towel. He finally found one to wrap around his middle and stood there as if he needed to find a place to hide. It was quiet once more as if it had been nothing, but Derrick came back downstairs with Rosie. He handed her over to him.

Ian looked at him wide eyed.

"What happened?"

"Elliot's being a jerk. I guess they had a fight. He left." Derrick was calm about it. Morning had barely broken. Derrick went to clean up the mess.

"You're wet." Rosie informed him. "Derrick is wet." She giggled then.

Ian acted as if he didn't know what she was talking about. He got her situated in front of Derrick's TV and went to change.


meg said...

Derrick might be a bit pushy, but Ian seems happy.

What a scene.

Rosie is always a scene stealer.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Derrick is quite opinionated and take-charge at times. :/

She is Sara said...

Wow, things are going fast!

lucy and sarah said...

Rosie..I wonder what she thinks?

izzy and dev said...

Talking about excitement. Wow.

ivy said...

I love this picture with him and the lamb...sounds like he's ready for Derrick.

ori said...