Sunday, December 5, 2010

not a moment too soon

Ellie's Thanksgiving was rather subdued. She hadn't felt up to taking the baby out. Lon thought it best they keep the festive small so he'd made Charlie's favorite, spaghetti, and a few were over late in the afternoon with pie. That's when Amber and Olivia were telling her about the ordeal with Liz and Kip. How Syd had set them up with a video conference.

"That must have been so horrible, seeing him with that woman, who does look an awful lot like Syd." Amber couldn't help but bring up.

"Well, Liz is with Munro, and you know, I think they might be more than friends." Olivia made a guess.

"You don't know that for sure." Amber bickered back.

"It sounded like a very interesting day." Ellie said quietly as she looked at baby Zoe who was sleeping in her arms. Naturally, the girls had to coo over Zoe's fuzzy head.

"Lon told me something." Ellie looked at both of them after they got situated on the bed next to her.

"Like what?" Olivia winced.

"His daughter." Ellie sighed. "You know, the one in Texas. They've decided they want to meet."

"Maybe it'll be fun." Amber smiled.

"Yeah, I hope." Ellie felt a bit melancholy about it.

"Maybe you guys could do it right now, on your laptop." Olivia reminded her about Liz and Kip.

"I just had a baby." Ellie laughed. She didn't want anyone seeing her right now.

"It'll be an ice breaker." Olivia decided. So in about twenty minutes it was set up, after Lon made a call.

"We're gonna do it right here?" Ellie was just in her pajamas. So that's how it started.

At least the shock was warn off now.  Ellie knew it went better than she expected. It seemed Reese really wanted to give her tips on infant care. But what was even more interesting, Reese never had a little sister. "I always wanted one." She told Ellie.

Now she felt a little guilty, spending more time on the phone and laptop with a cousin she didn't know, than with her own sister who must have had the worst Thanksgiving ever. Two broken legs and pregnant. Ellie pulled out her cell now after she put Zoe down for a nap. She guessed she needed to listen to her own sister's problems. It was the least she could do.


autumn said...

Wow. I love the look of that living (?) room. So cozy. :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad that Ellie can empathize with her sister right now. :)

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad she's coming around to want to be her sister's friend right now.

better days said...

A lot is happening to her and her family, now.

the Oaks said...

That would be exciting..looks, like her family is growing!

simon and josh said...

I hope she and her sisters can be close, too.