Saturday, December 4, 2010

something like family

 Elliot's parents bugged him constantly that he wasn't doing enough with Asa, lately. So he finally made his way up to his old place, above his parent's garage which was now Asa's.

"So how you been?" He didn't know. He knew Asa was helping out Amanda, and Rosie talked up a storm about  him, so he knew he was around.

"Fine." He was kind of cold. Sort of the stuck up guy that he remembered.

"I guess Mom and Dad were upset that you didn't take that youth ministry job at the church." Elliot was kind of glad Asa wasn't perfect.

"Well, you know, I'm tired of singing for my supper, so to speak." He was going through clothes. Some were Elliot's that he'd left behind.

"I thought you were sold on that sort of thing." Elliot looked at sweaters and T's from high school musicals and productions he'd helped with in college. It was funny to see it... look like someone's lost cause. None of it meant that much to him. It was just the past.

"Its, you know, not what I thought it was. Not that I didn't enjoy traveling and helping people." Asa told him as he got the kettle on for some tea."Its just, I dunno. Not so genuine. More like corporate religion." He looked at Elliot then. "I feel a lot like I felt when mom got busted, having that ungodly long affair she had with everyone's favorite minister." He frowned then. "I know I'm suppose to be over that. And please, lets not pray about it, anymore." He faked a smile then, but really Elliot knew he was sad about the matter. "Seriously, if there is a way I could get out on my own. I would do it, this second."

"So I guess there's no chance you might go out with that Rachel again, my parents keep going on and on about." Elliot smiled.

"No way in hell." Asa gave him an open grin then.

"Opposites do attract." Elliot mocked a bit with a shrug.

Asa shook his head and went to get the cups ready.

"So you're not getting married?" Elliot felt he'd been lied to by his parents now.

Asa shook with laughter as he put the tea bags in.

Elliot felt bad that he'd put him off so long. He'd made Amanda do all the family stuff with Asa. He guessed. After they had their mugs of tea,  they looked at some of Elliot's old art paintings in his back closet.

"I thought you were going to be a graphic artist. You know, just do illustrations. Maybe graphic novels." Asa then said as he pondered through some rather Gothic art.

"Yeah, just not that good." Elliot hated to remind himself.

"You're good enough. You think you could do some doodling for me?" Asa asked. "I'm pretty sure I could get a little money out of it, for you. You see we have these Friends of the Library, and they have money to burn. Its just I have to figure out where I need to spend it. And I think you can help me with flyers and posters for the winter reading program. You in?"

"I dunno." Elliot grinned. He really hadn't came over to get a job, but then again he could always use the extra cash.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like a good opportunity for Elliot! :)

meg said...

I'm glad Asa can help him.

Bella @Bellgetsreal said...

I love the name Asa. My daughters name is Aysia.

Thanks for stopping should enter my giveaway, someones gotta win. :)

Em [the writer] said...

Oh how I love the name Asa, do you happen to have a picture of him up here?

Em [the writer] said...

Oh how I love the name Asa, do you happen to have a picture of him up here?