Wednesday, December 29, 2010

where the heart is

"Enough." Asa finally got up the nerve to say. As it was, Amanda had been integrated by the police. Now Elliot's parents. It was as if no one was on her side. She was still in the clothes he'd found her in. Her lips were so chapped and she wouldn't stop crying. It just kept coming.

When he'd got there she wasn't there. And the snow kept coming. A blanket of it. It looked so soft and peaceful, a winter wonderland post card. But it was such a strange day.

"I keep calling him on his cell and nothing." She'd had no luck in finding him, but he told her to keep trying. 15 minutes later he found Elliot's cell out in the garage. So much for modern invention, he guessed. It pained him to see, there were no easy answers. Just more questions.

He got Elliot's parents to go talk to some cop. He could over hear them telling the uniformed femaled that Elliot's actions were nothing like their son's.

"Maybe you should take a hot shower, get some rest." He took her cold hands.

"No." She squinted hard. As it was she kept standing there by the livingroom window waiting for Elliot.

"I hope there is someone else." Her voice cracked in emotion. "I really hope he knew where he was going, and he met someone, and they're on their way some place warm. And..and she's making...him...happy." Tears dripped down her face.

"Don't say that. Please, just stop..thinking like that. Go get cleaned up." He pushed her hair out of her eyes. "I'll put on some tea. You need to eat something."

She shook her head, no.

"I - I can't." She choked on tears.

"Come on." He looked back at Elliot's mother. She looked at Amanda as if she were the enemy now. As if they were going to find a way to pin this on her and not Elliot. He helped her to the bathroom. Somebody had to do it. He switched on the water. It was cold at first. He went to her room and looked for something she could wear. Underwear. Some gray yoga pants. He found her favorite green sweater and an undershirt. He came back to the bathroom just to see her standing there. The water was hot now. He pushed her under shower and drenched her in her clothes. He took the soap, hoping she would use it, but he went ahead and soaped the shirt until there were suds. Asa got drenched in the process.

Finally, she decided she'd finish showering alone and he pushed the shower curtain, too. Finally, she was thoroughly rinsed. Even her hair.

"God, Asa, he's gotta be close. He just does. I can feel it." She told him while she was drying off. He turned his back while she slipped into the clothes he brought. Now Asa had goosebumps. He wondered if she were right.


lucy and sarah said...

I dunno if I like him or not.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm still on the fence about him. :/

She is Sara said...

So much stress for her! I hope he is okay though.

better days said...

You changed him on us..didn't you???Asa? I think I like the thought of him being that caring in a crisis like that.

simon and josh said...

I'm glad someone is there for her. Oddly, there is something so Aaron Johnson about that pic, but I know its not him.

Yesha said...

Where did you get the name Asa? In the Philippines, Asa in Tagalog [our language], it's like saying, dream on! :))

lily said...

I think he's just watching out for her..but He might want more from her than he realizes.

ori said...

This could get pretty twisted.