Saturday, January 15, 2011

just another problem

Ravi knew what this was about. He just never took the police officer as a Penelope, Olivia's sister. He would have never thought of her being any thing like Olivia. She was kind of a bitch, he thought. Even if he didn't really know her. They'd never spoken, but he'd seen how she was with some of the guys, and he thought it best to stay a low profile around her. And he did. He just didn't know she'd be showing up here, but then again, he guessed she got the memo about Steve and Sophie.

"Don't go blaming, Olivia." Ravi stepped up.

"And who are you?" She snapped as if he had no reason to talk.

"I'm, I'm engaged to Olivia." Ravi really didn't want to have this conversation. After all, Olivia was new to this family, too. It was as if it were expected of her to take care of her mother now. She was just trying to figure her out.

"You and Olivia, let..let that kid move in, with my mother?" She glared at him.

"Well," Ravi sighed. "He's not really a kid, you know, Steve's got a job-and-" Ravi smiled, almost chuckled. He bet Penelope didn't even know Steve worked in the building where she worked. "I'm, I'm sure it'll run its course, and, and..." Ravi thought they were good for each other, spite of the age difference. OK, they were kind of an odd couple. But they got along so well. Steve couldn't say a bad word around Sophie. And she made over him like he was the best. After all, they were both in a special place in the city for low-income individuals.

"They're going to kick her out of there." Penelope crossed her arms.

"Really?" Ravi winced. He hadn't thought about that. "Did he do something?"

"He makes to much money." She shrugged. "Its a place for retired people who are on a fixed income."

Ravi shook his head. Steve was finally getting benefits, and now this. And Olivia's mother was retired. No, she wasn't. He had to wonder if Penelope had pulled some strings just to get her into these new apartments.

"Just don't be mad at Olivia." Ravi told her. "She's been wanting to meet you, so badly." It wasn't long until Olivia arrived.


Cait said...

I'm glad Ravi was there to be for Olivia.

Winnie said...

Aw Ravi is really sweet.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Olivia is lucky to have Ravi. :)

meg said...

I'm glad she's got Ravi, too.

Yesha said...

Ravi -- such a sweet character. :)

better days said...

I like his thoughts on Steve.

It's a Girl said...

I am glad that ravi stood up for Olivia, because that really made quite the difference. I am just a little confused on what exactly is taking place here.