Tuesday, January 11, 2011

little changes

anna engla josefin

"Things are getting weird with my family too." Olivia rolled her eyes. Ellie wasn't the only one with new family members to worry about. Granted, she'd showed off her engagement ring to Ellie at New Years. "Steve thinks he's married to my Mom, now. It seems they had their own little ceremony, and he's moved in with her."

"What?" Ellie cracked up. They were still busy un-decorating the tree at Ellie's.

"I'm very serious. He believes it. She believes it. Believe me, they didn't go to Mexico or anything. Its like they can't get enough of each other. At least, Ravi got him a job as a janitor where he works. Strange, as that may seem, Steve has never been happier. My Mom too." Olivia wasn't sure she'd ever get used to the fact. "And to think I had this wild dream that my real Mom and Dad might get back together, again."

"That is so strange." Ellie couldn't help but smile.

"We made a deal that we'd spend Sunday dinner with them. Granted, I'll probably have to do all the cooking since my mom can't follow a recipe. I'm still not certain what her problem is. Is she just stupid, the drugs she takes or used to take? I dunno, she's not all there. He's not all there. But they're happy. And he's working. And..and I guess I should let it alone. I did see my parents. We didn't exchange presents. My other Mom and Dad don't celebrate Christmas with gift giving. They both are so thin. My mom stresses that to know the people they work with, they have to fast, I guess. I don't know which is more insane." Olivia shook her head. She was just happy she was with Ravi. Of course, her adoptive parents would not speak of him.

"I'm sorry." Ellie gave Olivia a pat on the back. "But just think how great your year has been and how great this one is gonna be."

Olivia just nodded. She looked back at the tree. It was ready to be packed away too. She wondered if Amanda's Christmas was still up.

"Maybe we should see how Amanda is doing." Olivia shrugged.

"It sounds like Elliot's with his parents. I'm not even sure they've actually talked. I can't believe this happened." Ellie shook her head. They put the boxes in the attic then.

While Olivia was up the attic, she saw how much space they actually had. Suddenly, she knew where Hannah's room should be.

"Come up here." She called down to Ellie.


It's a Girl said...

Yay! Olivia found the right space (: I hope that things work out with Olivia though, geez, everbody's got their problems, which is so true in real life.

better days said...

Wow, that would be cool if they could make a space for Hannah. Interesting about Steve and Olivia's mother.

Krystal said...

holidays always make everything so intense..

cady said...

You always make everything so realistic. I love that.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Holidays bring a lot of drama to the surface. :/

simon and josh said...

oh, well..we all have unique families.

E.L. said...

Cool..they found a spot.

The Blonde Duck said...

I always wanted a room in the attic.

meg said...

Family is always interesting. Cool about the attic.