Tuesday, February 15, 2011

going under

Ian thought this was turning out rather well. Josie had a date now. It was freaking cold out and snow in the forecast, but still, it was a dance, and everyone was there in the gym. Even Amy.

"Oh, God." He heard Derrick from behind him.

"Just don't start anything." Ian took Derrick's hand as if he were not to go toward Amy.

"I'm not." Derrick looked a little shock that Ian would hold his hand, anyway, yet he looked a bit giddy about it too.

"OK." Ian pulled Derrick along. They moved toward the punch table, a table loaded with heart-shaped cookies and chips with dips. He looked back to see if Amy were following them in the dark. He didn't see her. He turned back to Derrick who had snatched a Ruffle from the chip bowl. "What the hell are we waiting for, lets just dance."

"OK." Derrick managed while choking down the chip. So they moved with the grove. No one was hugging since it was a Lady GaGa tune. Instead everyone was showing off bits of disco moves that were just terrible and silly, but it was a laugh.  Derrick was laughing, mimicking someones twist and turns. Ian shook his head, thinking someone was gonna think Derrick was a wise ass and might take him out if they watched him enough. Suddenly, something slow was going to start, but before Ian could get any closer to Derrick, somebody jerked Derrick around.

Ian caught his breath.

It was Amy, who was towering over Derrick, screaming obscenities at him. Before Ian could slip between them, she'd already punched Derrick a couple of times. Then in the nose, hard. Derrick toppled down as if he were almost knocked out cold.

"Hey! Hey!" Ian grabbed her before she could punch him again. The music went quiet. Everyone was watching Derrick's bleeding face.

The school cops grabbed Amy. It was all so strange.

Ian went to help Derrick with his nose. There was blood on his white tux. He was hoping they'd make it to the bleachers, but the ambulance arrived instead. It was protocol. After all, Derrick's nose might be broken.


The Blonde Duck said...

Oh God I'm cringing at the crunching and blood.

Want me to mail you some tortillas?

ivy's closet said...

Aw, I feel bad for Derrick.

lucy and sarah said...

A bloody Valentine.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Valentine's Day in the dumps. :/

Krystal said...

what in the world?! sad:(

better days said...

Such a cruel world.

cait said...

Wow, Derrick got punched!

Em [the writer] said...

Aghhhh so dramatic!!!!!!!! I hope Derrick doesn't have too much damage done to him :/

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cady said...

That's terrible. I hope he's okay.

meg said...

Poor Derrick. I hope its not too bad.