Monday, February 14, 2011

Is three enough?

Derrick thought he might be sweating bullets in his tux. What were they thinking, dressing up for this Valentines day? At first it had been a rush of excitement, knowing Ian was going to be his date. But last minute Josie had decided to join them.

"How does she do that?" Derrick wasn't very impressed with Ian, not saying no to her. But then, he hadn't said she couldn't.

"She's..she wants to be our friend." Ian said, a little bit lost for words. "We can take her out to eat. You know, friends."

"Great, just great." He didn't really like the number in this. The three of them. But he guessed they could manage through the Chinese place with Josie.

So there they were, the three of them in the crowded place where everyone else was taking their date before the dance. There sat Josie, pretty in pink.

"We'll just say we're a threesome." Josie grinned as if she liked the thought of that.

Derrick gave Ian a glare. It was time for him to speak up.

"Josie? A threesome, uh, what are you talking about?" Ian winced. The hot and sour soup arrived and Derrick hurried along with it, carefully in his white tux.

"You know, like a three way." Josie was all silly.

Derrick spewed his soup right then.

"OK. Just shut up." Derrick scowled. "We are never going to be..whatever."

"You know, we're dating." Ian reminded her.

"We are?" She  smiled as if she might have taken a happy drug before the night started.

"Me and Ian, you- silly girl." Derrick was getting frustrated now. He was almost yelling. Ian reached to calm him down.

She finally settled down to her won-ton soup. Before they knew it, the egg rolls and crab rangoons arrived.

Ian stuffed the egg roll down as if he didn't even know they were discussing what they were discussing before. But Josie just played with her soup. It was as if she'd lost her appetite.

"Look, you should have invited that artsy nerdy guy who hangs out with you in the art room." Derrick finally shrugged.

"He is so not cool." She winced.

"Cool is not everything." Derrick squinted hard. "I thought you were above that. I bet Neal is home alone, right now, watching some crummy TV show, wondering what you're wearing."

She wouldn't look at him.

"Why don't we give him a call?" Derrick got out his phone then."After we eat, we could go and pick him up."

"He's right, Josie. You can't just wait around hoping someone makes your Valentines Day. Sometimes, you have to make somebody else's Valentines Day. Doesn't mean you're going live happily ever after, but hey, you might teach him a new dance, or you know, have some fun." Ian told Josie.

Derrick handed her the phone. She hesitated, but finally said into the cell, "Hey, what are you doing tonight, Neal?"


Lux and Stan said...

What an interesting situation.

Glad they called Neal.

She is Sara said...

Aww I hope it works out! Such a rough start to the night!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Two's company; three's a crowd. I'm excited to learn more about Neal! :)

Krystal said...

they kind of rained on her parade!

lucy and sarah said...

Everyone needs a Neal around.

molly said...

Oh, the interesting things that happen on Valentines day.

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm so curious!

I would gladly put rotel in my tortilla soup. But Ben's not into spice as much as me.

Pearl Westwood said...

Good for them giving her a push, three is definately a crowd!

caitlin and megan said...

What a night out! Yeah, for Neal!

cait said...

Things are looking up.