Monday, February 28, 2011

he's back

Kyle wasn't expecting Sam to meet him over at Amanda's. But there he was in a good humor, picking up Rosie as if he'd always done every weekend.

"Wow, I didn't even know you were here." Kyle sighed as he put his tools away. Hopefully, the power was OK now, down in the basement. Seriously, he thought Sam had blown him off. He was suppose to be in town weeks ago, but here he was.

"You look like daddy." Rosie poked her little fingers into Sam's chest.

"That's because I'm his big brother." He smiled. She pinched his cheek.

"You're funny." She was being her Rosie self.

"Yeah, well he's your Uncle Sam." Kyle informed her and she played around with his name for a bit. Then she kicked him to get down. She had other things to do. Rosie did like her room. They went upstairs to the kitchen. Amanda had something for them to eat. She'd made some ham sandwiches and had some chips and drinks.

"I'm moving back," Sam said to anyone who would listen.

"Really?" Kyle wasn't sure if he liked the idea, but then again, maybe it was a good thing. "But I thought you liked Denver."

"Well, its a lot more expensive to stay out there than here, especially, if you've lost your job." Sam told Kyle, he hadn't worked for almost a year now. Something must have been going on out there, Kyle thought as he watched his brother who looked just like he last saw him. Evidently, there was something good out in Denver, and he'd left it now.

Sam was pleasant enough. More down to earth than Kyle remembered. He was friendly with Asa and Amanda. Then Elliot got home and Sam shook his hand like Elliot was a long lost buddy. Maybe he was.

"We go way back." Sam looked Elliot over. "Like middle school."

"Don't you, remind me." Elliot smiled as if he remembered him, well.

"Yeah, he had the goofiest  glasses. He was a real Harry Potter, back then." Sam teased. "You still have those things?"

"No." Elliot gave in a laugh then.

Kyle looked at Sam..maybe this was just who Elliot needed. A blast from the past.


The Blonde Duck said...

The past never dies!

Lux and Stan said...

Hopefully, Sam will be there for Elliot.

ivy's closet said...

This will be interesting how this develops.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A blast from the past always comes back to haunt - or so it seems. :/

Em [The Writer] said...

A blast from the past hmmm? First thing I thought of was bad 80's pop music. Hopefully it won't be anything like that :p

ivyoaks said...

I'm hoping its a good thing.

Krystal said...

lots to catch up on over the w/e!!

Through My Eyes said...

You have the same picture as your header thing :P I hate that the past can never just be the PAST.