Wednesday, March 9, 2011

positively protocal

"You said you weren't going to rush into this!" Amanda didn't say it to Derrick when she walked in on Ian and Derrick. But now she knew. And she'd waited until later. After Rosie went to bed, before she brought it up.

"You, are one to talk." He was being a wise ass. "What did you see, anyway?"

"Enough." It was hard to talk about, but she had too. Even so, it was a burned image in her brain now. Those two, together. She wasn't going to call their brother about it. She hugged herself tight and glared at him. "Look, I know.." Amanda closed her eyes to get her thoughts together. How could she ever get him to listen to her? "I guess..I am..what ever you think. But, but its better now. It is. I'm finally figuring out what I want."

"What? You gonna marry Asa?" Derrick made it sound as if it wouldn't work.

"You think the third times a charm?" She said so cold. She knew what he thought. She was just not wife material. God knows, she been through enough with Elliot.

"Its the forth, isn't it? Wait, that thing with Eric and the baby doesn't count? Is that it? Maybe its the fifth?" Derrick gave her a soured look.

"God, did you even use protection?" She was in a huff about this. He was just trying to push her buttons and side track her. She thought Ian and he would just be OK with the kissing and dating. Not..this.

"NO." Derrick mocked. "I'm just like you. We don't think about things like that." He was being wickedly snide to her as he go in her face about it. Derrick crossed his arms and winced hard. "Yes, damnit. I did. Jesus, I'm not an idiot!" He turned to do his little angst about dance as if she had some nerve talking to him about this.

She could see he was pretty damn proud of himself.

"Stop being a bad ass, all right." She told him. "You should call him."

"About what?" Derrick made a silly grimace.

"Just..." She sighed. "Quit being such a guy. Having sex..just isn't sex... Its an emotional thing. No matter who you are. Deal with it." She wanted to shove some sense into him, but she left, trying not to make too much of the situation. As if she hadn't done that, already.


ivy's closet said...

It would be kind of hard to talk about, but I'm glad Amanda is trying with Derrick. I watched Glee last night and I thought it was very informative. I really liked the conversation between Kurt and his Dad.

The Blonde Duck said...

Men don't understand that.

a book of short stories said...

I might be furious with him too, if he were my brother. OK, I would.

Cafe Fashionista said...

She's right. Emotions always play a part in that sort of situation. :)

molly said...

Yes, I think Derrick needs to really talk to Ian.

meg said...

Derrick is such a brother. On the idea of should they or shouldn't they..well, being prepared is the key. And I think they were. Still, you have to have your mind prepared too.

Krystal said...

derrick had some great comebacks!

cady said...

I guess technically a situation is only what one makes it. But it's still hard.