Tuesday, March 8, 2011

here and back again

"So, you are putting it off." Derrick didn't want to rush Ian into anything. He was fine with it. But he hated how Ian would get him stirred up..week after week, how he was going to come out with his folks.

Well, didn't his parents know. Already? Everybody did at school, thought Derrick.

"Really, I don't even care, anymore." Derrick shrugged. They were in his little room. The sun seeping in. God, why were they just standing here? He clicked on the TV as if that was what they'd do. Watch TV. Act like they were just friends.

But Ian kept staring at him.

"What?" Derrick looked up at him. Damn it, how much taller was he going to get? He just hated getting the short end of everything.

"My brother told me had a crush on guy in high school." Ian kind of grinned.

"Oliver?" Derrick scowled slightly.

"No, Eric." Ian was even lipped.

"Huh." Derrick sighed. Was he going to have to make the first move? Didn't he always? Yet a part of him always got off on making Ian happy. But not this time.

"But I told him it wasn't a crush, with us." Ian spoke up then. As if they were suppose to think of Eric and some unknown guy. Together.

Derrick nodded and looked to see what was on the TV.  Ian moved closer. His hand rested under the waist of Derrick's shirt. His kiss was soft as he nudged into him. Derrick smiled when Ian pulled his black T over his head.

Maybe he'd guessed wrong. Ian did really want him. He knew that. He always did. But this time, it seemed Ian wanted somewhere they hadn't gone before. Derrick didn't stop to talk about it. It would have ruined the moment. Now if only MTV ever played music. That would have been nice.


Lux and Stan said...

Things have suddenly taken a quick turn.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Things are heating up fast!

The Blonde Duck said...

Why did MTV stop playing music?

a book of short stories said...

Hopefully, they won't regret this.

lucy and sarah said...

Well, it might be more than a moment there..

better days said...

Oh wow. So unexpected.

so jade said...

oh boy. well...I guess it was time.

meg said...

It might be hard to know who's idea it was. Maybe it doesn't matter.

cady said...

"Not this time." I think Derrick is finally figuring things out. Hopefully.